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Broadband Bonding™ is a Mushroom Networks patented technology that enables aggregation/bonding of 2 or more Internet lines without any coordination or equipment on the Internet Service Provider premises. Companies can mix and match various WAN connections from any service provider and use Broadband Bonding to create an intelligent, self-healing connectivity to the cloud.

Historically, the only way to bond Internet lines, such as DSL, was through physical or techniques at lower layers that required special equipment at the Central Office of the telco. These technologies were not only very expensive because of the required forklift upgrade, but also limited to the bonding to WAN links from the same service provider serviced from the same Central Office. Broadband Bonding on the other hand, uses a higher layer overlay which enables to eliminate the need for the Central Office equipment and expands the bonding capability across different service providers. As an example, one can bond a DSL line with a Cable modem.

Since Broadband Bonding technology is agnostic to the WAN connection type and works anywhere with any ISP worldwide, it enabled organizations to build their own WAN connections from any combination of Internet service providers they prefer. Depending on the available services in a given geographic location, the IT manager can pick and choose the WAN services and use broadband bonding to intelligently combine those lines into a faster and more reliable Internet connection.

Screenshot from a live Broadband Bonding appliance combining two DSL lines for an aggregate speed

Mushroom’s http downlink bonding technology is yet another patented technology that has the ability to bond http downlink traffic without requiring any other equipment or service. For any other type of traffic, a cloud based service (or a one to many controller) can be used to enable bonding for all traffic types.

Mushroom’s bonding technology combined with the advanced traffic grooming and traffic management capabilities provides an ideal Swiss-army-knife for managing WAN networks with ease.

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