Technology - Broadband Bonding for Intelligent, Self-Healing Internet

Broadband Bonding™, a patented technology by Mushroom Networks, enables the aggregation and bonding of two or more Internet lines without requiring any coordination or equipment from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). With Broadband Bonding, organizations can mix and match various WAN connections from any ISP to create an intelligent, self-healing Internet connection.

Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Bonding Techniques

Traditionally, bonding Internet lines, such as DSL, required techniques implemented at the physical layer, necessitating special equipment at the telco’s central office. These technologies were not only costly to implement due to the required forklift upgrades but also limited bonding to WAN links from the same service provider serviced by the same central office. In contrast, Broadband Bonding uses an overlay at a higher layer, eliminating the need for central office equipment and expanding bonding capability across different service providers. For example, one can bond a wired WAN from ISP-1, a fiber line from ISP-2, and a cable modem from ISP-3 without requiring any coordination from the service providers.

Flexible and Agnostic Bonding Solution

As Broadband Bonding technology is agnostic to the WAN connection type and works anywhere with any ISP worldwide, it enables organizations to build their own WAN connections from any combination of Internet service providers they prefer. Depending on the available services in a given geographic location, IT managers can select the WAN services and use Broadband Bonding to intelligently combine those IP connectivity services, creating faster and more reliable Internet connections.

Screenshot from a live Broadband Bonding appliance combining two DSL lines for an aggregate speed

Advanced HTTP Downlink Bonding Technology

Mushroom Networks’ patented HTTP downlink bonding technology has the ability to bond HTTP downlink traffic without requiring any additional equipment or service in the internet cloud. For other traffic types, a cloud-based relay service or a one-to-many controller, both provided by Mushroom Networks, can be used to enable bonding for all traffic types.

Automated and Efficient WAN Management

Mushroom Networks’ bonding technology, combined with advanced traffic grooming and traffic management capabilities, provides an ideal platform for automating and managing WAN networks with ease. This powerful combination ensures optimal performance, reliability, and flexibility for organizations seeking to enhance their Internet connectivity.

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