Technology - SD-WAN Design Studio for Overlay Tunnel Creation

SD-WAN Design Studio is an easy-to-use graphical design tool that enables the creation of sophisticated virtual overlay tunnels between SD-WAN appliances. VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) built with SD-WAN Design Studio fully integrate with Mushroom Networks’ virtual and physical SD-WAN appliances and can be designed to implement advanced flow algorithms that optimize IP packet flows, application performance, and end-user experience. The SD-WAN overlay tunnels that come built-in with Mushroom Networks SD-WAN appliances are built with SD-WAN Design Studio by Mushroom Networks engineers.

Overcoming WAN Performance Bottlenecks

Office WAN connections are often the performance bottleneck for real-time and non-real-time Internet applications and services. Specialized SD-WAN tunnels are leveraged to improve performance and eliminate brownouts or downtimes in WAN networks.

Advanced Telemetry Capabilities for Intelligent Tunnel Optimization

VNFs with advanced telemetry capabilities that can measure various characteristics of WAN connectivity can be enabled for specific overlay SD-WAN tunnels. The parameters and time-series telemetry data can then be used as triggers for algorithmic actions within the overlay tunnels. For example, enabling redundancy-driven algorithms, such as network coding, on a specific type of traffic flow can be triggered in real-time as a function of network conditions. Similarly, enabling/disabling compression, dynamic flow steering, or activating in-band or out-of-band measurements on live flows, as a function of network demand, cross-traffic, and/or any other telemetry measurements, is possible with SD-WAN Design Studio. The diagram below illustrates two sample SD-WAN tunnels between two sites:

Mushroom Networks SD-WAN appliances come with built-in overlay tunnels and work right out of the box without any human intervention. However, for Mushroom Network partners and service providers interested in creating their own unique service offerings with custom SD-WAN tunnels, SD-WAN Design Studio runs natively on all recent model Mushroom Networks appliances. It provides an easy drag-and-drop design language for building tunnels with advanced capabilities. Once designed, the SD-WAN tunnel can be pushed onto the virtual or physical appliances and becomes immediately available without requiring reboots or re-flashing of the appliances.

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