Broadband Bonding & SD-WAN Solutions for Enhanced Retail Connectivity

Distributed retail stores need simple-to-manage connectivity that is robust and independent of their varying geographies and service availability for their stores and locations. Retailers leverage broadband bonding of wired and/or cellular modems (4G LTE, 5G) and even satellite to create a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for their cloud connectivity.


Retailers rely on numerous, widely separated brick-and-mortar locations to conduct their business. They also often utilize temporary or pop-up stores (or even kiosks) where legacy-type wired connectivity may not be feasible or may lack the required performance. However, each of these individual locations, as well as the enterprise as a whole, still require private and public cloud Internet access to facilitate mission-critical applications such as Point of Sale (PoS) systems, data backup, inventory management, marketing, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Finding and relying on a single service provider to cover all store locations with the required Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements is nearly impossible and usually not cost-effective. The lack of IT personnel at store locations presents another challenge within the retail industry. The WAN design, therefore, needs to be automated and set on autopilot both in the rollout/installation phase and, perhaps even more importantly, in the operations stage.

Zero-Touch Configuration for Seamless Deployment

SD-WAN virtual or physical appliances are ideal for taking over the burden of network management for retail locations. Zero-touch installation enables drop shipments to fixed or temporary locations and allows them to connect instantly and seamlessly while optimizing critical Internet applications.

Centralized Monitoring for Efficient Management

The optional Monitoring Portal provides a single-pane dashboard for all registered devices and enables single-click remote access to each device when needed. Various telemetry and network statistics are stored in the Monitoring Portal, giving IT managers a comprehensive and actionable view of their network.

Application Optimization for Enhanced Performance

With Broadband Bonding, application-aware tunnels connect remote stores to the Internet, corporate network, and data centers via self-healing tunnels. These intelligent tunnels automatically recognize applications via built-in layer 7 filters and optimize traffic flows based on the parameters that matter most for each specific application, all without human intervention.


For Internet connectivity needs of pop-up stores, kiosks, or other temporary use cases, the time needed to roll out WAN connectivity in a secure, fast, and cost-effective manner can be the most significant obstacle. Single wireless Internet connections fall short of providing the robust connectivity that pop-up stores require, and many temporary locations don’t have access to dedicated local IT personnel. Portabella is a cellular bonding device that can combine multiple cellular SIM cards from any carrier into a fast and reliable Internet connection optimized for various application classes, including cloud-based real-time applications, point-of-sale applications, and cloud-based retail applications.


“It worked perfectly, right out of the box. I watched the bandwidth status during the event and monitored our traffic and usage and we had zero downtime and as such, no chances of any critical data being lost.”

Mark Sheppard
Communication Specialist Debbie reynolds auction

“I had the same degree of reliability and more bandwidth—at a fraction of the cost”

bill Kohr
owner craftsman studio

“It has worked flawlessly in each new office scenario, providing users with high-speed internet on day one.  I can plug it in and in about 15 minutes, I have a network ready for folks to connect to without any other equipment.  With the built-in DHCP server, Quality of Service, and Firewall, it is literally a network-in-a-box.”

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