With varying geographies, requirements and service availability for their distributed stores and locations, companies within the retail sector face unique WAN (Wide Area Networking) challenges. Finding and relying on a single service provider to cover all store locations with the required SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and QoS (Quality of Service) requirements is nearly impossible and usually not the most cost effective approach.

Additionally, some store locations might be temporary or pop-up stores where legacy type wired connectivity to private and public cloud needed for applications such as PoS (Point of Sale), data backup, inventory and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) services may not be possible at the required cost levels.

The lack of IT personnel at store locations presents another challenge with the retail industry. The WAN design therefore needs to be automated and set on autopilot both in the rollout/installation phase as well as and perhaps even more importantly in the operations stage.

Mushroom’s range of Broadband Bonding and SD-WAN appliances are designed to address and effectively solve all of these issues. With the centralized management and monitoring of the devices at stores, the rollout and time to bring a location connected is faster than ever before. Depending on the location requirements either a purely cellular based (aggregating two or more 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G based connections), or a combination of wired connections plus wireless connections is possible. The most cost effective bandwidth in the location, irrespective of the service provider can be added into the WAN tunnel. The WAN tunnels can then be intelligently and remotely managed with a performance and application centric SD-WAN architecture.

Mushroom’s SD-WAN appliances are designed and being used by organizations that value the quick zero-touch installation, cloud based central monitoring/management and intelligent overlay tunneling that shields applications from network problems automatically. This significantly reduces or eliminates network related emergency support tickets, as even in cases of service provider related problems, the network is now intelligent enough to detect network problems in real-time and automatically adjust its algorithms for traffic management to steer application traffic away and around those problems. This effectively creates a self-healing network that functions on autopilot, ideal for use cases within the retail industry.

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