4G LTE & 5G Broadband Bonding Solutions for Live Video Streaming and Broadcasting

Live video streaming and broadcasting stations require high-performance, reliable Internet connectivity. TV stations, webcasters, religious institutions, and other organizations that provide live video for special events can leverage broadband bonding technology, combining 4G LTE, 5G, and satellite connections to create a fast and dependable wireless Internet solution optimized for video streaming.


As news becomes increasingly localized, there is a growing demand for just-in-time local news coverage, capturing events as they unfold. Traditional satellite and microwave-based electronic news gathering (ENG) systems are often too costly to capture the ever-growing long-tail local content.

Streamer PRO offers a modern live video delivery technology that utilizes cellular wireless modems to transport video live from remote locations. By bonding multiple cellular cards together, Streamer PRO delivers high-quality video with low latency, providing faster and more reliable connectivity. This innovative solution enables a one-person news crew to perform the job of an entire electronic news gathering (ENG) truck, allowing photographers and reporters to quickly reach news sites and be the first to break the story.

Streamer PRO seamlessly transports analog or digital video/audio signals from remote locations to headquarter locations for live video streaming applications. Videographers simply plug the video camera’s analog or digital video/audio feed into the industry-standard connectors of the Streamer PRO case, add the USB modem cellular aircards, and initiate video delivery to the Streamer PRO receiver at the headquarter location. The receiver then provides analog or digital video/audio output, ready for broadcasting or streaming. To learn more about Streamer PRO and its advanced features, click here click here.

Live video streaming over bonded 3G/4G/LTE using Streamer Pro from Mushroom Networks

Live video streaming from remote locations

Video Optimization for Seamless Live Streaming

Broadband Bonding technology aggregates multiple cellular modems to create a single, fast, and reliable Internet connection. The system applies a protective layering to encoded video packets, ensuring that lost packets are reconstructed at the receiving end without requiring retransmissions, resulting in a seamless live streaming experience.

Zero-Touch Configuration for Easy Setup

Streamer PRO features zero-touch installation, enabling camera crews to simply turn on the broadband bonding device and start shooting. The zero-touch configurations allow for easy and centralized management of the devices without placing any burden on the field team, streamlining the live streaming process.

Flexibility with Bring Your Own Encoder

Streamer PRO supports a built-in video encoder with HD-SDI and analog video inputs, providing a comprehensive solution for live streaming. However, for broadcasters who prefer to use their own equipment, the Streamer product line is compatible with third-party IP video encoders, offering the same powerful broadband bonding and video optimization capabilities for enhanced flexibility.


“It [Streamer] worked perfectly, right out of the box. I watched the bandwidth status during the event and monitored our traffic and usage and we had zero downtime and as such, no chances of any critical data being lost.”



“I highly recommend Streamer as a video solution to anyone who is looking to add quality and reliability to their video streaming capability.”



“We are thrilled with the Streamer. Not only that, we are now able to generate new revenue streams by charging for live events.”

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