Broadband Bonding & SD-WAN Solutions for Enhanced Oil & Energy Connectivity

The oil and energy sector, with temporary offices, remote drilling sites, time-critical deployment requirements, and other similar quick-install scenarios, is leveraging Mushroom Networks’ SD-WAN to blend together cellular and satellite modems for robust multi-WAN Internet connectivity.


Businesses in the oil and energy sector are forced to work in challenging environments. Temporary offices, remote drilling sites, time-critical deployments, and other similar quick-install scenarios limit the available options for Internet connectivity. In many cases, wired, high-quality lines may not be available, or may suffer from excessively long deployment lead times (in some cases up to three months or more).

For years, oil and energy companies have relied solely on expensive VSAT (very small aperture terminals) satellite communications for providing Internet connectivity to their remote drilling sites. Typically, these sites are far from reliable, high-quality wired broadband Internet, leaving no other options available despite the high cost of satellite links. Today, SD-WAN with broadband bonding offers a very attractive and cost-effective solution. Any of the on-site Internet resources, including 4G-LTE/5G wireless, cellular data connections, and satellite, can be teamed together to create combined bandwidth. In cases where wired Internet resources are available but not up-to-par in terms of performance and reliability, Broadband Bonding devices can combine two or more Internet connections to provide fast and reliable Internet that is otherwise unavailable.

Truffle devices are equipped with Ethernet ports and additional 4G-LTE/5G interfaces. For a solely 4G-LTE/5G aggregation device, Portabella is ideal. These devices allow for rapid rollout and deployment to any location, with the enterprise-grade security and scalability the industry requires.

Application Optimizations for Enhanced Performance

With Broadband Bonding, application-aware tunnels connect remote sites to the Internet, corporate network, and data centers via self-healing tunnels. These intelligent tunnels automatically recognize applications via built-in layer 7 filters and optimize traffic flows based on the parameters that matter most for each specific application, all without human intervention.

Zero-Touch Configuration for Seamless Deployment

SD-WAN virtual or physical appliances are ideal for taking over the burden of network management for branch offices or remote field sites. Zero-touch installation enables drop shipments to fixed or temporary locations and allows them to connect instantly and seamlessly while optimizing critical Internet applications.

Centralized Monitoring for Efficient Management

The optional Monitoring Portal provides a single-pane dashboard for all registered devices and enables single-click remote access to each device when needed. Various telemetry and network statistics are stored in the Monitoring Portal, giving IT managers a comprehensive and actionable view of their network.


“Just before Superstorm Sandy hit, Houlihan Lawrence had wrapped up a proof-of-concept plan for two of its branch offices. When the storm took down our MPLS network, Houlihan Lawrence immediately deployed Mushroom Networks’ Truffle appliances.”

Andrew Lafreniere

Director of IT
Houlihan Lawrence

“Not only did Mushroom Networks’ unique Broadband Bonding technology connect all of our offices together with high speed and reliability, it has allowed us to add additional capacity in increments based on our needs.”

Sam Hanna

IT Director
CEC – California Engineering Contractors

“I was able to bring up a network purely based on bonded LTE practically overnight with flawless performance for all of our Internet applications. Once I proved Mushroom devices can handle even the most challenging networks, I decided to upgrade my other locations to Mushroom as well, where we use wired as well as wireless. Mushroom is very easy to install, flexible and scalable.”

Oliver Perez

Head of IT, West Basin Municipal Water District

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