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Single Internet Link Fragility

Relying on a single internet service provider limits the reliability and performance of your WAN to that single connection. Each transport type has pros and cons, and not leveraging multiple transports restricts network capabilities.

High MPLS Costs

Traditionally, businesses use expensive MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) for inter-office connectivity and connecting branches to cloud services. While MPLS has uses, not augmenting it with direct internet access can be very costly.

Application Performance Issues

Cloud-based services like VoIP, unified communications, video conferencing, and other business-critical apps suffer from unavoidable performance fluctuations caused by running over a single WAN transport.

Lack of Bandwidth Management

Even with multiple WAN links, legacy load balancers don’t provide a holistic, automated way to manage all available bandwidth. Optimizing QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) for application traffic is lacking.


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Multi-WAN & Broadband Bonding

Truffle is more than just a broadband bonding router – it’s the pathway to your ideal network. Envision seamlessly integrating up to 16 internet transports, from MPLS to 5G, creating an unstoppable network force tailored to your needs. Truffle ensures maximized uptime and optimal performance by intelligently managing and adapting to ISP fluctuations and traffic changes, significantly reducing barriers to peak efficiency.

Enhanced Bandwidth and Automated QoS

Eliminate the limitations of a single service provider with Truffle’s innovative bandwidth amplification solution. By integrating diverse providers, you harness the best each has to offer – from cable’s high bandwidth to fiber’s low latency – with easy plug-and-play expansion propelling you toward your dream network faster.

Optimal Application Performance

Envision flawless performance for critical applications like VoIP, unified communications, and video conferencing – without downtime or lag. Truffle safeguards business-critical apps from network issues through advanced flow steering and adaptive QoS, guaranteeing an enhanced user experience with minimal intervention required.

Cost-Effective MPLS Alternative

Upgrade your WAN capabilities without the exorbitant costs of MPLS. Truffle blends cost-effective internet bandwidth with your existing setup to enhance capacity while minimizing expenditure. Transition to Truffle for better value, faster ROI, and a smarter, leaner approach to network management for SMBs and enterprises alike.


WAN on Autopilot for Optimal Uptime

Truffle’s WAN on Autopilot ensures seamless, always-on connectivity by dynamically routing traffic with intelligent per-packet decisions. It integrates 4G/5G, maximizing reliability and uptime with minimal effort required. Experience truly uninterrupted networking as Truffle brings you closer to the dream of uncompromised connectivity.

Effortless and Reliable Static IP Continuity

Achieve rock-solid network stability with Truffle’s Elastic Static IP solution. We directly map static IPs to your branch appliances, ensuring VPNs, VoIP remain active even during WAN outages. Our innovative approach guarantees IP continuity, maximizing availability with zero downtime.

Simple Zero-Touch Deployment

Truffle seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, hassle-free. No changes to firewalls or networks required. Our cloud management offers easy remote configs and visibility with layer-7 DPI, SNMP, Netflow. Fulfill your dream of simple, efficient management.

Bonded WAN for Maximum Bandwidth

Leverage the full potential of your internet links with Bonded WAN Speed. By bonding multiple connections, Truffle ensures increased downlink/uplink capacity for maximum aggregated bandwidth across all traffic types.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Optimize performance with Traffic Shaping, Reservation, and QoS. Selectively filter and reserve bandwidth so priority apps maintain high performance, maximizing efficiency while minimizing unnecessary usage.

Robust Security, Seamless Scalability

Secure and scale effortlessly with Truffle’s top-tier security like AES 256 encryption and advanced filtering – whether integrating with legacy systems or as a primary firewall/router. Minimize complexity while moving towards a secure, scalable network.


Broadband Bonding™ for Faster Internet

Broadband Bonding is a technology that combines two or more internet connections into a single, faster, and more reliable connection. It enables efficient, low-latency bonding of IP networks by intelligently distributing packets across different ISP links. The bonding technology measures network performance and makes packet-level scheduling decisions to provide the aggregate speed of all connections with minimal overhead and reduced latency.

Continuous Sessions with Failover Protection

Mushroom Networks’ overlay tunnels can shield applications from network issues like packet loss, latency, jitter, and WAN outages. Packets from ongoing sessions are automatically steered away from problem paths, maintaining quality and session integrity.

Application-Optimized Tunnels

Mushroom Networks devices can create overlay tunnels to Mushroom Networks Relays (available as physical/virtual appliances or hosted service). These tunnels between endpoints implement advanced algorithms to optimize traffic flows for different applications like VoIP, video, unified communications, cloud services, file transfers, and more.

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Architecture

Mushroom Networks solutions are built on an award-winning SD-WAN architecture. The software-defined approach enables easy development and deployment. A centralized dashboard provides visibility and remote access to customer premises equipment (CPE) units from a cloud-based portal. Zero-touch provisioning ensures rapid deployment.

Routing, Firewalling, and Traffic Management

Truffle appliances offer full routing and firewalling capabilities. Advanced routing rules enable traffic steering over specific ports or interface groups. The appliances can also be installed in pass-through mode, leaving existing network configurations unchanged. Ingress/egress traffic shaping, bandwidth reservations, and QoS controls are available on WAN/LAN interfaces, ensuring optimal network and user experience.

Flexible Interface Grouping

Physical WAN interfaces and overlay tunnels can be easily grouped together. Specific traffic types can then be routed through these interface groups, implementing desired load-balancing and failover logic.




Small business
Set your network on autopilot.
Combine 2 or more Internet modems for faster and more reliable Internet.
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MPLS Alternative
Augment or replace your MPLS
Inter-connect your branch offices with bonded tunnels for reliability and performance.
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Software defined intelligent and proactive networking.
Manage and operate CPE devices with ease and say bye bye to network problems.
Learn more
Service Providers
Easily and rapidly roll out unique services.
Provide SD-WAN based WAN services with unique VNF capabilities to your clients.
Learn more
Transform your WAN to intelligently optimize for your applications.
VOIP Armor dynamically route VOIP / SIP traffic around ISP problems in real time.
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Case Studies

Borrego Health rolls out Mushroom Networks
Borrego Health connected their 24 clinics via Mushroom Networks SD-WAN solution to streamline network performance and operations, as well as reduce cost.
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CivilGEO dials with VoIP Armor
CivilGEO solved their phone system's call quality and reliability problems once and for all, with VoIP Armor. VoIP Armor dynamically routes around network problems so calls never suffer.
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Paragon Healthcare deploys SD-WAN nationwide
Paragon Health's nationwide deployment of Mushroom Networks' Truffle to their offices enabled reliable VPN and significantly lowered telecom costs.
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Albertina Kerr deploys broadband bonding statewide in 60 offices
Albertina Kerr, a 24/7 healthcare organization, deployed Mushroom Networks' SD-WAN statewide in their 60-plus offices to slash cost and boost WAN performance and reliability.
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Houlihan Lawrence's nationwide deployment of Mushroom cuts telecom cost in half
Houlihan Lawrence deployed Mushroom Networks' Broadband Bonding appliances and increased network performance and reliability significantly while slashing telecom cost in half.
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Analysts Say

Quadrant Research Knowledge Brief:

“Mushroom Networks, with its unique and innovative SD-WAN solution and Broadband Bonding technology, is well positioned to continue to help enterprises in improving WAN performance”.

“Driven by strong overall performance in terms of sophistication, depth and maturity of the technology, visionary innovation, and industry impact, Mushroom Networks is recognized as the Company of the Year in the global SD-WAN market”.

“The company, with its unique technology platform is emerging to become the key vendor in the SD-WAN market”.

Roopa Honnachari, Director of Business Communication Services & Cloud Computing Services at Frost & Sullivan:

“…Mushroom Networks has gone farther in this direction, the VNF Design Studio is truly unique, because it has a user interface for service providers to design and deploy these solutions.”

“These guys have done a lot more work. It’s a solution that lets a service provider deploy in their network to offer business solutions or residential solutions depending on different SLAs.”


“Just drop the Truffle into your network and experience what it is like to have a large bandwidth pipe at a fraction of the cost. The Truffle is highly reliable, scalable and easy to use.”


Vice President of IT
Pacific Capital Group

“This is hands down the best hardware investment I have made. The Truffle has been a real life saver.”

Michael Durdin

Technology Coordinator
East Wake Academy

“I have to say, these devices [Broadband Bonding devices] are pretty incredible. These things really are as easy to understand and configure as you described.  I’m very impressed.”

Dorian DeLuca

IT Manager
Michael Brady

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Yes, all Mushroom Networks solutions, including the Truffle models, are available and compatible worldwide.

To purchase a Truffle, please click the “Contact Sales” button below to get in touch with us. We’ll guide you through the ordering process based on your location.

Yes, Truffle works with any ISP in any country. Your ISPs do not need to have special bonding technology support.

Absolutely. You can schedule a live online demo of the Truffle by contacting us via the “Contact Sales” button below.

Pricing varies based on the Truffle model and configuration. Please contact us via the “Contact Sales” button for a quote.

Yes, you can combine different types of internet access lines from any ISP with Truffle.

Yes. Truffle supports Ethernet WAN ports for fiber, DSL, cable modems, and has USB ports for cellular 4G/5G modems. For SIM combining solutions, see our Portabella/Streamer products.

Truffle has two modes – standalone and peered. Standalone mode load balances traffic, while peered mode (using our Cloud Relay or your own Truffle Server) enables packet-level bonding across connections.

No, there are no fees based on data usage amount.

Yes, we offer Truffle models with 10Gbps fiber and copper Ethernet interfaces.

No, you only need to do a simple WAN interface configuration when adding new ISP links.

Yes, Truffle has advanced traffic shaping, bandwidth reservation, and prioritization features. Contact us for a live demo.

Our tunnels have optional encryption and security capabilities. However, you can still use your existing VPN solution if preferred.

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