Broadband Bonding & SD-WAN Solutions for Education

Educational providers and institutions require high-performance Internet connectivity in order to provide Internet access for teachers, classrooms, buildings, small campuses, and major universities. Educators can now leverage SD-WAN with broadband bonding to create a fast, reliable, and cost-effective Internet by aggregating various wired or wireless WAN connections.


Educators face many challenges when it comes to Internet connectivity. Critical Internet applications powered by private, public and hybrid clouds also benefit from high-performance Internet. Real-time applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and UC (Unified Communications) platforms all rely on a network that can adapt dynamically to network problems instantly and can shield network problems from the end-user applications. Finding and relying on a single service with the required SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and QoS (Quality of Service) requirements is nearly impossible and usually not the most cost-effective approach. The relative scarcity of IT personnel combined with heavy bandwidth demands at schools presents another challenge within the industry. The WAN design therefore needs to be automated and set on autopilot both in the rollout/installation phase as well as, and perhaps even more importantly, in the operations stage.

Zero-Touch Configuration

SD-WAN virtual or physical appliances are ideal for taking over the burden of network management for educators supporting small early education all the way to universities and research institutes. Zero-touch installation enables drop shipments to locations and allows them to connect instantly and seamlessly while optimizing critical Internet applications.

Distance Learning Optimized

With SD-WAN and Broadband Bonding, application-aware tunnels can connect educators to the Internet via self-healing tunnels. These intelligent tunnels automatically recognize distance learning applications, Video Teleconferencing, VoIP, and Unified Communication (UCaaS), and accordingly optimize the traffic flows so your remote learning sessions perform flawlessly. All done automatically with no human intervention.

Centralized Monitoring

The optional Monitoring Portal provides a single pane dashboard for all registered devices and enables a single click remote access to each device if needed. Various telemetry and network statistics are stored in the Monitoring Portal for IT managers to have comprehensive and actionable view of their network at their fingertips.


Unfortunately, many computer networks in the education industry do not have the requisite bandwidth or personnel to smoothly handle modern distance learning tools and applications. Many networks are older, and money for state-of-the-art technology is often not available for educators. This results in sub-par performance for many critical learning applications, including the Google suite of tools (Classroom, Meet, Hangouts, Forms), Zoom, GoToMeeting, as well as general video teleconferencing or streaming, remote desktop access, or screen sharing.

If application uptime may mean the difference between a teacher reaching his/her students, the best of breed SD-WAN and broadband bonding solutions from Mushroom Networks is the ideal choice.


“It worked perfectly, right out of the box. I watched the bandwidth status during the event and monitored our traffic and usage and we had zero downtime and as such, no chances of any critical data being lost.”

Mark Sheppard

Communication Specialist
Sheppard Communications

“… T1 is not 100% reliable, used to go out several days a year, but now we still function during T1 outages, thanks to the 100% seamless failover capabilities of the Mushroom Networks device”

Judy Masi

Project lead
University of Virginia

“We really haven’t calculated the exact dollar value of the increased up-time of our network, but given how many blood sample tests we run every single day coming from all over the nation, the value has been priceless.”

Ken Peterlin

IT Manager
Ascend Clinical

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