Broadband Bonding & SD-WAN Solutions for Enhanced Government and DOD Connectivity

Government and Department of Defense (DOD) rely on high-performance Internet connectivity for a wide range of applications. From large government office buildings to military bases and remote, secure locations, the government and DOD can now leverage SD-WAN to support their mission-critical applications. Mobile, temporary, or remote locations can have instant access to high-reliability, high-performance Internet connectivity by broadband bonding 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, and satellite links.


The networking needs of the government and the DOD are as varied as the services they provide and the locations they support. Military and government use cases range from providing rapid Internet connectivity for temporary locations to ensuring reliable performance of VoIP, video conferencing, and unified communications, regardless of problems in the underlying transport. These real-time applications rely on networks that can provide state-of-the-art security, adapt dynamically to problems, and shield end-users from network disruptions.

Specialty applications, such as signaling between assets for reconnaissance or weaponry systems or other mission-critical data, can be transmitted over highly redundant SD-WAN tunnels to maximize application reliability.

Application Optimizations for Enhanced Performance

With Broadband Bonding, application-aware tunnels connect government branch offices, military bases, and other assets to each other or to any required Internet resource, including public or private clouds. These intelligent tunnels automatically recognize applications via built-in layer 7 filters, which can be extended to custom application types, optimizing traffic flows based on the parameters that matter most for each specific application.

Zero-Touch Configuration for Seamless Deployment

SD-WAN virtual or physical appliances are ideal for taking over the burden of network management for government or DOD locations. Zero-touch installation enables drop shipments to fixed locations, temporary facilities, and remote field sites, allowing them to connect seamlessly to the Internet, ensuring rapid rollout and successful deployment.

Centralized Monitoring for Efficient Management

The optional Monitoring Portal provides a single-pane dashboard for all registered devices and enables single-click remote access to each device when needed. Various telemetry and network statistics are stored in the Monitoring Portal, giving IT managers a comprehensive and actionable view of their network.


Historically, MPLS has been the only viable option for connecting geographically distributed offices with low-latency Internet connectivity. However, the high cost of MPLS bandwidth compared to broadband Internet, such as DSL, cable, fiber, and even satellite, makes SD-WAN a better alternative. For gradual migrations, MPLS augmentation with SD-WAN offers better value compared to expensive MPLS upgrades.

Legacy MPLS networks cannot route Internet traffic locally, are prone to single points of failure due to usually having only a single provider, and tend to have long lead times for upgrades or new services. SD-WAN with broadband bonding solves all of these problems and more. SD-WAN provides agile traffic management, boosted uptime reliability in the high 9s, rapid rollout and deployment, and cost-effective solutions for augmenting or replacing MPLS networks.


“I was able to bring up a network purely based on bonded LTE practically overnight with flawless performance for all of our Internet applications. Once I proved Mushroom Networks devices can handle even the most challenging networks, I decided to upgrade my other locations to Mushroom as well, where we use wired as well as wireless. Mushroom is very easy to install, flexible and scalable.”

Oliver Perez

Head of IT, West Basin Municipal Water District

“Our connection now provides the available bandwidth for all of our responding agencies to access our real-time information. They are able to access resources back at the office or across the Internet as needed.”

Andrew Lafreniere

Director of IT
Houlihan Lawrence

“Our connection now provides the available bandwidth for all of our responding agencies to access our real-time information. They are able to access resources back at the office or across the Internet as needed.”

William Lyons

IT Director
Paulding County Emergency Management Agency

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