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Simon Crosby
Currently the CTO and cofounder of Bromium, Simon Crosby held the CTO position at Citrix Systems and was founder and CTO of XenSource prior to the acquisition of XenSource by Citrix. Prior to XenSource, he was a principal engineer at Intel where he led strategic research in distributed autonomic computing, platform security and trust. He was the founder of CPlane Inc., a network optimization software vendor, where he held a variety of executive roles. Prior to CPlane, Simon was a tenured faculty member at the University of Cambridge, UK, where he led research on network performance and control, and multimedia operating systems. He is author of over 35 research papers and patents on a number of datacenter and networking topics including security, network and server virtualization, resource optimization and performance. In 2007, Simon was awarded a coveted spot as one of InfoWorld’s Top 25 CTOs.
Ronald Graham
Professor Graham is one of the world’s best-known mathematicians, computer theorists, and technology visionaries. From 1962-95, he was director of information sciences at (AT&T) Bell Labs, and from 1996-99 Chief Scientist of AT&T Labs. His work on routing was influential in the early architecture of the Internet, as well as the vision of “anywhere/anytime access to the wireless Web” pursued by Cal-(IT)2 where he serves as Chief Scientist. Today Graham sits on the Board of Directors of Akamai. Graham is the Treasurer of the National Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of Amer. Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery, and a past President of both the American Mathematical Society, and the Mathematical Association of America. He has won numerous awards in the field of mathematics, including the Polya Prize in Combinatorics and the Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement awarded in 2003 by the American Mathematical Society.
Alan Benjamin
Alan Benjamin is the President of Pulse. He oversees all aspects of the company. Alan Benjamin has twenty five years of experience in the electronics industry. He has held numerous executive positions at Pulse including Senior Vice President of the Signal Products Group, comprised of the Antenna, Networking (LAN) and Telecom Product Divisions. Prior to this he was Vice President of the Telecom Division where he directed marketing, engineering and product development. He has also held the position of Vice President of the European Business Group, where he directed the distribution, manufacturing, sales and marketing, product development, and quality functions in Europe. Prior to joining Pulse, Benjamin worked in various marketing, sales and engineering positions for Hewlett-Packard and Pacific Data Products. Benjamin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University and is a graduate of Harvard´s Advanced Management Program.
Janpieter Scheerder
Scheerder retired in 2001 after a decade at Sun Microsystems where he was most recently president of Sun’s Network Storage group. Previously, Mr. Scheerder was president of SunSoft, where he was responsible for the development, engineering, marketing, and sales of Sun’s software products, including the Solaris operating system. Mr. Scheerder also served as vice president and general manager of Sun’s network servers and information products group, where he directed activities for Sun’s server and storage products. Before his tenure at Sun, Mr. Scheerder spent 15 years at Data General in various sales, marketing, and engineering positions. His most notable accomplishments at Data General include engineering the first of the AViiON and CLARiiON RAID products (now sold by EMC Corp.), which were a major breakthrough in high-performance storage technology. Mr. Scheerder holds a BS in Electrical Engineering.
Steven Morley
Mr. Morley recently retired as the Vice President, Technology, for QUALCOMM Incorporated in the Office of the Chief Scientist. Since 2003, Mr. Morley has been instrumental in developing QUALCOMM’s strategic direction in a number of new wireless technologies including next generation wireless local area networking, ultra-wideband radio technologies, and location-based services. He helped design the first CDMA digital cellular proof-of-concept telephone in 1989. Mr. Morley joined QUALCOMM in 1985 and has contributed to the development of QUALCOMM’s CDMA digital cellular, ultra-small aperture satellite networks, mobile satellite, and integrated circuit technologies and businesses. Previously, Mr. Morley was a Senior Engineering Manager at M/A-Com Linkabit Corporation. Mr. Morley holds an MSEE degree from Stanford University and a BSEE degree with summa cum laude honors from the University of California, Irvine. He has received nearly twenty patents and has published a variety of articles. He is the chairman of the several Interest Groups of the San Diego CommNexus as well as a member of the executive committee and a member of the IEEE.

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