Broadband Bonding for Hospitality

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Truffle Broadband Bonding Network Appliances provide an optimum solution for providing super fast hotel Internet services and bandwidth management. The property owner/manager can grow the Internet access line serving the apartment as their subscriber base grows, as opposed to paying for unnecessary high fees for a high-end Internet access line during low subscription penetration. As the Internet access speed requirements gets higher, additional broadband lines can be added to increase the speed of the Internet access feeding the property. Internet traffic management is a breeze with Truffle where both bandwidth management on a user level or traffic type can be accomplished. Additionally, the various broadband connections that are fed into Truffle create a reliable Internet connection for the apartment since a failure in any one of the links will not bring down the Internet connectivity of the apartment. Truffle is ideal for bandwidth management for hotel internet services. You can download an MDU application and ROI analysis white-paper by clicking here.

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