Broadband Bonding & SD-WAN Solutions for Healthcare

Mission-critical healthcare applications rely on high-performance Internet connectivity. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare offices leverage SD-WAN to support their mission-critical applications. Mobile clinics empower their caregivers using 3G,4G, LTE, 5G and Satellite Broadband Bonding.


With the proliferation of EHR (Electronic Health Records), telemedicine (telehealth) and other similar healthcare applications, the fidelity, performance and security of the Internet connectivity for healthcare offices, hospitals and clinics has never been more crucial. Alongside these specialized healthcare applications powered by private data centers, other common Internet applications powered by private, public and hybrid clouds also benefit from high-performance Internet. Real-time applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and UC (Unified Communications) platforms all rely on a network that can adapt dynamically to network problems instantly and can shield network problems from the end-user applications.

Application Optimizations

With Broadband Bonding, application aware tunnels connect branch clinic networks to the datacenter and other clinics. These intelligent tunnels automatically recognize the applications via the built-in layer 7 filters and accordingly optimize the traffic flows with respect to the parameters that matter most for that specific application. All done automatically with no human intervention.

Zero-Touch Configuration

SD-WAN virtual or physical appliances are ideal for taking over the burden of network management for healthcare locations, hospitals and clinics. Zero-touch installation enables drop shipments to locations (fixed or mobile clinics) and allows them to connect seamlessly to the head office network and the data centers via self-healing tunnels.

Centralized Monitoring

The optional Monitoring Portal provides a single pane dashboard for all registered devices and enables a single click remote access to each device if needed. Various telemetry and network statistics are stored in the Monitoring Portal for IT managers to have comprehensive and actionable view of their network at their fingertips.


For specialized applications such as live video streaming from an ambulance (or mobile clinic) to a caregiver, 4G LTE, 5G bonding appliances offer a unique way to provide Internet connectivity on the go. If the application uptime may mean the difference between life and death, the best of breed SD-WAN and broadband bonding solutions from Mushroom Networks is ready for the job.

Naked 4G LTE or 5G networks unavoidably have variations in the performance they provide. Portabella is a cellular bonding device that can take multiple cellular SIM cards from any carrier and combine them into a fast and robust Internet connection that is optimized for various application classes, including live video feed from a driving ambulance connecting the patient to the doctor at a hospital.


“Just drop the Truffle into your network and experience what it is like to have a large-bandwidth pipe at a fraction of the cost. The Truffle is highly reliable, scalable and easy to use.”


Vice President of IT
Pacific Capital Group

“This is hands down the best hardware investment I have made. The Truffle has been a real lifesaver.”

Michael Durdin

Technology Coordinator
East Wake Academy

“I have to say, these devices [Broadband Bonding devices] are pretty incredible. These things really are as easy to understand and configure as you described.  I’m very impressed.”

Dorian DeLuca

IT Manager
Michael Brady

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