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Organizations that rely on a reliable and high performance connectivity to a private cloud or to the Internet, or both, are increasingly depend on a WAN (Wide Area Network) that is robust with predictable performance and high 9s up-time.
Legacy WAN architectures with manual, or legacy rudimentary load-balancing fail-over strategies are falling short in meeting the increased network demands on today’s office WAN.
For businesses that rely on wired based Internet connectivity, the ability to intelligently manage flows over 2 or more Internet lines such as MPLS, Cable modem, DSL as well as 3G/4G/LTE based wireless links is becoming an essential part of the WAN architecture.
The multi-WAN appliances by Mushroom Networks provide the security, firewall’ing, routing and Broadband Bonding all in a single appliance, where overlay tunnels facilitate up-time of on-going sessions even during WAN brownouts or blackouts, by intelligently steering IP packets away and around networking problems. The application centric performance optimization enables seamless end-user experience even in the most challenging environments.
Similarly, for mobile and portable applications, Mushroom’s 3G, 4G, LTE based appliances facilitate connectivity by intelligently combining 2 or more cellular sim connections into a single faster and more reliable IP connectivity – for remote locations, temporary installations or vehicles.

Truffle devices are equipped with Ethernet ports and with additional 3G/4G/LTE interfaces. For a solely 3G, 4G. LTE based aggregation device, Portabella is ideal.

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