Broadband Bonding & SD-WAN Solutions for Enhanced Business Connectivity

Organizations that rely on high-performance connectivity to the Internet are increasingly dependent on a Wide Area Network (WAN) that is robust, with predictable performance and high uptime. SD-WAN with broadband bonding combines disparate Internet links, both wired and wireless, and creates an ultra-high-bandwidth pipe with intelligent traffic management, seamless failover, and other advanced features that more and more businesses cannot live without.


Legacy WAN architectures with manual or rudimentary load-balancing failover strategies are falling short in meeting the increased network demands on today’s WANs serving the business community. For businesses that rely on Internet connectivity, the ability to intelligently aggregate and manage traffic flows over two or more Internet lines, such as MPLS, cable modem, DSL, satellite, and 4G LTE or 5G-based wireless links, is becoming an essential part of the WAN architecture.

The multi-WAN appliances by Mushroom Networks provide security, firewalling, routing, and Broadband Bonding all in a single appliance. Overlay tunnels facilitate uptime of ongoing sessions even during WAN brownouts or blackouts by intelligently steering IP packets away from and around networking problems. The application-centric performance optimization enables seamless end-user experience even in the most challenging environments.

Similarly, for mobile and portable applications, Mushroom Networks’ 4G LTE and 5G-based appliances facilitate connectivity by intelligently combining two or more cellular SIM connections into a single faster and more reliable IP connectivity – perfect for remote locations, temporary installations, or vehicles.

Truffle devices are equipped with Ethernet ports and additional 4G LTE or 5G interfaces. For a solely 4G LTE or 5G-based aggregation device, Portabella is ideal.

Application Optimizations for Enhanced Performance

With Broadband Bonding, application-aware tunnels connect businesses to each other, to the Internet, and to public, private, and hybrid clouds. These intelligent tunnels automatically recognize applications via built-in layer 7 filters and optimize traffic flows based on the parameters that matter most for each specific application, all without human intervention.

Zero-Touch Configuration for Seamless Deployment

SD-WAN virtual or physical appliances are ideal for taking over the burden of network management for business applications. Zero-touch installation ensures that they connect instantly and seamlessly to the Internet, resulting in rapid rollout and deployment.

Centralized Monitoring for Efficient Management

The optional Monitoring Portal provides a single-pane dashboard for all registered devices and enables single-click remote access to each device when needed. Various telemetry and network statistics are stored in the Monitoring Portal, giving IT managers a comprehensive and actionable view of their network.


“Just before Superstorm Sandy hit, Houlihan Lawrence had wrapped up a proof-of-concept plan for two of its branch offices. When the storm took down our MPLS network, Houlihan Lawrence immediately deployed Mushroom Networks’ Truffle appliances.”

Andrew Lafreniere

Director of IT
Houlihan Lawrence

“It worked perfectly, right out of the box. I watched the bandwidth status during the event and monitored our traffic and usage and we had zero downtime and as such, no chances of any critical data being lost.”

Mark Sheppard

Communications Specialist
Debbie Reynolds Auction

“Our experience with AdTech’s rollout of Mushroom Networks’ solution has been nothing short of exceptional. So much so that the networks in our offices now can hide individual ISP problems from our users – that is priceless.”

Stephanie Lopez

Firm Administrator
Borton Petrini

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