Is Your Business Internet Dependent? 15 Businesses That Need Reliable Internet

15 businesses that need reliable InternetThese days businesses increasingly depend on their connectivity to the cloud. As many of their services are moving from locally hosted servers to cloud hosted services, the WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity becomes even more business critical. We will look at some of the examples where an unreliable Internet connection can be detrimental for a business and will negatively impact the bottomline. Let’s start with Call Centers

  • Call Centers provide phone support for companies all around the globe, and is one example of an industry that relies almost exclusively on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in order to operate. A slow connection with frequent down time means the reps can’t do their jobs, and this can lead to longer wait times and unhappy customers. Because call centers are hired by third parties to handle their customer service, a center that is frequently offline with unreliable internet will lose contracts very quickly.
  • Chat Centers, the call centers half-sister, is another classic example of a business that is unable to operate without reliable internet. These centers are dedicated to providing chat-based online support to businesses, software companies and websites around the world. Internet reliability is essential, as if it goes down agents are unable to respond to clients and the center will lose business rapidly.
  • Trading Companies and Day Traders are also dependent on internet reliability to keep their edge in an industry where a fraction of a second can make a massive financial impact for investors, so a reliable connection is essential. In fact, the impact of the ‘Wall Street Speed War’ is so massive that millions have been spent on building faster, more dependable connections. So, if the internet goes down all together, brokers can’t trade and could not only miss potential earnings but could lose millions without the ability to quickly move assets.
  • The situation is not that different for retail brick and mortar businesses, as they are also Internet dependent due to POS (Point-Of-Sale) software, terminals required for accepting card payments, and real-time data access for sales, pricing, and inventory. Without access to inventory, sales software or the ability to accept credit card payments the store is paralyzed. If the internet connection fails, the store is unable to operate and quickly begins to lose money.
  • Services firms also depend heavily on highly reliable connectivity to the cloud. Take Web Development and Design firms as an example. They depend on high 9s available Internet for every aspect of their business – from communicating with customers, to marketing, development and collaborating with team members on larger projects. FTP apps and team collaboration software are essential to communication and collaboration between freelancers, coders, designers and market specialist that work on the project. Frequent internet outages can lead to missed deadlines, dissatisfied customers and a serious loss of income.
  • Financial Institutions in general, not just trading firms, such as commercial banks, investment banks and credit unions, also depend heavily on centralized systems for operation, as these must be accessed by the local branches via the internet. These centralized systems not only include account holder data, but are also essential to various bank related activities such as: credit checks, loan applications, checking blue book value, communications, and security tests – verifying identity. Internet reliability is key to the financial operations of the institution, with down-time meaning they are unable to operate.
  • News Media agencies depend on fast, reliable internet for up-to-the-minute news in a world that is hooked on quick facts and instant feedback. Although breaking the story first has always been a major goal of news reporting agencies, with the internet age the time frame for ‘getting the scoop’ has dwindled significantly with individuals on-site tweeting pictures, updates, and live feeds on the ground. Slow or downed connectivity can mean missing valuable details, pictures or footage, and losing the edge on the competing news agencies.
  • The value of reliable connectivity extends out to the field for news agencies and video casters, where they rely on aggregated 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G networks. eCommerce, or online retailers, are another example of a business model in which internet reliability is key to success and customer satisfaction. Despite the fact that most transactions on eCommerce stores, such as purchasing an item, can be completed without the webmaster or store owner, other daily business functions require the Internet: shipping, invoice printing, inventory and sales, customer services and processing returns. Internet reliability is key to orders being completed in a timely manner, and generating return buyers. Frequent down time can lead to late arrivals, unhappy clients and poor customer relations, ultimately leading to lost income.
  • Restaurants use the internet not only for payments, but also for ordering, interactive menus, keeping track of produce, maintaining inventory and facilitating take-out orders that are made online or over the phone. In fact, most restaurant franchises rely on remotely hosted POS and ordering software in order to sell their food. Without Internet, the restaurant is unable to complete many essential functions including accepting credit or debit card payments.
  • Internet Marketing is becoming one of the most essential forms of driving new customers to a business and building brand recognition with the public. Internet marketing firms are dependent on internet reliability in order to communicate with clients and set up and manage ad campaigns, social media and viral content. Frequent internet outages can be extremely detrimental to business, making it nearly impossible for them to do their jobs efficiently.
  • Web Hosting companies would be unable to stay afloat without a reliable internet connection keeping their servers connected and live constantly. Internet reliability is key to ensuring their customers sites are live with minimal down-time. Frequent outages will lead to poor reviews, angry clients, and a steady drop in clients who will lose money themselves if their websites go down. Investing in the best connection available, with several back up options in the event of an outage is key to staying successful in the web hosting business.
  • Insurance providers of all types rely on the internet to access the various databases that are used to handle claims and decide on the cost of coverage for clients. This could include checking DMV records, previous insurance quotes, criminal records, blue book value for car insurance, and any other information required depending on the type of insurance that is needed. Without a reliable internet connection, the provider is paralyzed, unable to handle claims, quotes or bring in new clients.
  • Service Providers and small businesses, such as wedding vendors or specialty stores, rely almost solely on the internet to connect with clients and build their businesses. This includes websites, social media marketing, email and chat that are, in many cases, the primary source of new clients and the primary source of contact. Frequent internet down time can lead to slow response rate and lost clients for the business.
  • Medical centers, hospitals and healthcare providers have become increasingly dependent on internet reliability in order to store, access and share patient data with other hospitals or institutions. As imaging, lab, and scan results enter the digital age information is more frequently stored online, and sent online, than in physical format. Without reliable internet, a critical patient might not be able to get the level of care they require due to lack of information the attending physician is able to access in a timely manner.
  • Data Centers provide users with a way to safely store their information on the cloud. This includes backing up company computers and information that is extremely valuable and must be available to clients at all times. Reliable internet is essential to ensuring users are able to access their data as needed, and to avoid panic or client loss. Internet reliability is key to ensuring the safety of the invaluable information stored in the center.

Enough said?

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc. 

Mushroom Networks is the provider of the Truffle device that is powered by Broadband Bonding technology that combines 2 or more Internet lines and enables self-healing WAN networks for office Internet traffic by routing around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss.


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  1. My kid is going to college soon, and we are looking for a good internet service provider that can keep up with his needs. I found it interesting that you said that internet reliability is the key to financial operations. The next time we hire an internet provider we are going to make sure to do some research to check their reliability with costumers.

  2. Thanks for elaborating that financial institutions would need high-speed internet in order to smoothly transact with their customers. I’m planning to open a trading firm someday, so this might be something that my business will need. I think I’ll hire a service to install fiber internet when I finally decide to build a company so that I can make sure that we’re getting the fastest speed available in our area.

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  5. I never thought about how service providers and small businesses rely almost entirely on the internet. My brother wants to start up a small T-shirt business. I’ll tell him that he’ll need to have good internet service so that he can effectively communicate with his customers.

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