Most Innovative Product Award Goes to VoIP Armor by Mushroom Networks, Inc.

Most Innovative Product of the year award goes to Mushroom NetworksThis week was another very proud week for the Mushroom Networks team and Mushroom Networks partners: VOIP Armor has been selected as the Most Innovative Product of the year by Connect, an award previously won by many prestigious private and public companies.

Here is a short MIP Award video from the award ceremony.

VOIP Armor is bridging the missing piece in the shift towards all IP communications for businesses. When we asked IT managers about their future voice and communication related rollout plans, invariably we had responses that included some legacy forms of communication transports. The reason why many companies haven’t moved completely to an IP-based communication, especially for telephony, is the lack of 100% reliability of VOIP. When one investigates the underlying reasons, it quickly boils down to the performance and reliability related issues that are caused by Internet connectivity. Even with MPLS carrying VOIP and SIP traffic, reliability and performance can become a problem, not to mention the cost of higher capacity MPLS.

VOIP Armor is taking an intelligent approach where by various WAN links can be dynamically managed and optimized for the best VOIP quality. The system relies on measuring, calculating and optimizing the best transport for VOIP and SIP packets to boost VOIP quality and reliability. 

The end result is an indestructible VOIP channel where packet loss, latency, jitter and any other network problems are 100% shielded from the application.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.


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