Who Needs Bandwidth Most for Their Mission Critical Large File Transfer Applications?

Bonding for large file transfer applicationsThere are important business applications that need to transfer large files over the Internet as quickly as possible. These large file transfers come with their own challenges depending on the specific application. Let’s first explore what these applications are.

Construction companies who deal with large industrial or commercial projects are a classic example of one industry that relies on large file transfer applications, allowing them to receive CAD images or blueprints at the construction site. In many cases, these complex interactive files can be as large as 15GB in size, and in some instances even larger. Having the ability of quickly delivering plans or designs that are updated or changed is essential for a smooth work flow. Keep in mind the construction site may not be equipped with any wired Internet connectivity and therefore may require a 3G/4G/LTE/5G bonding appliance.

Digital Film Making is another industry that relies heavily on large file transfers and the ability to move massive amounts of data to different servers easily. Before the final cut a high resolution full-length, feature film file can range between 90GB and 300GB. With various specialists working on different aspects of the film, being able to transfer and share the files quickly is key to cutting down production time. Standard FTP transfers could take several days over a single regular Internet connection, so short of shipping drives overnight, large file transfer services require combining several Internet links to generate a fast IP tunnel to cut down production time significantly.

The Medical Industry requires large files in order to store and deliver patient information to specialists, labs, and other hospitals. In many cases patient files for complicated or long term patients can contain decade’s worth of data and testing, making for large bloated files. As the industry moves towards a fully digitized platform, tests, imaging and results will be stored and transferred via secure large file transfer services.

Law Firms use large file transfers as the legal system moves into the digital age. Many modern cases are submitted digitally, with case files and supporting evidence being submitted as a single, hi-resolution pdf. In highly complex or long cases, these files can grow to massive proportions, making large file transfers an essential service especially in firms with various offices, partners or a large team working on the case.

Satellite images are used by many Government organizations, meteorologists and private companies for a myriad of reasons. From weather information to business insights, satellite images are essential to many industries. The large files (usually at least 2GB) need to be transferred quickly and safely over large distances. Modern networking solutions can help ensure quick, and secure file transfers, enabling users to have the information they need in a timely fashion.

Gas and Oil Companies use seismic data files for exploration purposes. These massive files are used to plan digs and exploratory drilling as well as reservoir management. These files require quick and timely transfer, usually from an exploration team, to headquarters. Having the ability to accommodate transferring large amounts of data from anywhere around the globe is a key component in the industry.

Large design teams are common in the gaming industry. Game and character designers often work on a large scale in order to get the details of the 3D graphics perfect, graphics that will eventually be inserted into the interactive game framework. Games are usually worked on by a large team of designers, developers and programmers. The process requires frequent transfers of large files to team members for various reasons. Large file transfer services allow for quick, and frequent file transfer regardless of size, cutting down on production time immensely.

Mechanical engineers require large file transfers in order to transform their digital concept for a 3D CAD image to a working machine, gadget or concept. The level of detail required for the design of a new machine, gadget or concept is important, and in many cases these files can be huge. Of course, if the concept file isn’t transferred over to manufacturing, the concept will never become a reality, making the ability to share large files internally essential.

Financial Institutions that send data outside the company for any reason is another example of an industry that requires large, and safe, file transfer options. Because of the sensitive nature of the information being sent, it is extremely important that the files are received entirely and the data are complete, despite network interruptions.

Last but not least, IoT (Internet of Things) will be generating large amounts of data in aggregate. So much so, that we will dedicate a separate post on the bandwidth and network requirements for IoT.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.

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