The Future of Networking is Automation

Mushroom Networks’ CEO Interviewed by Private Internet Access

Recently, the CEO of Mushroom Networks, Dr. Jay Akin, was interviewed by Private Internet Access, a top VPN provider boasting the world’s largest server network.

When asked about the future of computer networking, Dr. Akin responded, “The future is automation. More of the things that require a human being are migrated into tasks that machines can do. The networking industry is no different. Networks will become more automated and more dynamic where they can sense, learn and resolve problems by themselves without requiring human intervention.”

Dr. Akin introduced Mushroom Networks as a company whose solutions “set networks on autopilot. We accomplish this with our router appliance that intelligently orchestrates two or more Internet lines to create one aggregated Internet connection that is optimized for performance.”

Dr. Akin continues, “Some of our enterprise customers use our broadband bonding appliances to enhance connectivity at the branch offices. For mobile and vehicular use cases our multi-sim cellular bonding devices enable portable internet access by combining two or more cellular modems.”

When asked about what services Mushroom Networks offers, Dr. Akin describe their “Router-as-a-Service” or RaaS that provides an “OPEX model as opposed to a CAPEX model”. “Our broadband bonding appliances can be purchased with the traditional upfront purchase option or alternatively, as a recurring service inclusive of technical support and our Cloud Relay service.”

During the interview, Private Internet Access also asks Dr. Akin to describe Mushroom Networks’ four main products – Truffle, Portabella, Streamer Pro, and Broadband Bonding as Managed Service.

His description of their main products, as well as the entire interview can be viewed here.

Rob Stone, Mushroom Networks, Inc. 

Mushroom Networks is the provider of Broadband Bonding appliances that put your networks on auto-pilot. Application flows are intelligently routed around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss. Network problems are solved even before you can notice.



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