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Live video streaming over bonded 4G LTE, 5G


Single Internet connection is too fragile for video

For live video streaming, a single service provider (wired or cellular) will limit the reliability and performance. Any glitch in the network will cause live video streams to suffer.

ENG satellite trucks are expensive

Satellite trucks are expensive and costly to operate. They lack the mobility, agility and cost effectiveness of 4G/5G cellular multi-SIM based systems.


4G LTE, 5G bonding

Streamer PRO is a 4G LTE, 5G bonding device that can broadcast live streaming video directly from your camera to a video server, CDN (Content Delivery Network) or directly to your studio. Since the video is streamed over the aggregated 4G LTE, 5G SIM cards with auto-error correction, your video stream can support high-quality video and will have unmatched professional-level reliability.

Webcasters can simply plug in the video feed from their camera (SDI, S-video, composite) or video switcher, add the USB modem cellular data cards to the Streamer PRO and broadcast live streaming video to their choice of CDN/video server. Similarly, Streamer PRO can send live video to a Mushroom Networks receiver with built-in decoder at the studio for point-to-point video delivery.

Live video streaming over bonded 3G/4G/LTE using Streamer Pro from Mushroom Networks


High Quality Over Bonded 4G LTE, 5G

Streamer PRO uses award winning 4G LTE, 5G bonding technology that is optimized to broadcast live streaming video over aggregated 4G LTE, 5G wireless data cards. This provides higher quality video, including higher resolution and higher frame rate as well as unmatched professional grade reliability.

Adaptive Encoding

Streamer PRO dynamically adjusts the video encoding rate to provide the best video quality wihtout any video drops or freezes even in challenging wireless network conditions. For encoded video feeds, Streamer PRO supports most video encoders including Flash Media Live Encoder*, Wirecast*, Tricaster*, TouchStream and others.

Supports All Video Sources & CDNs

Streamer PRO support S-Video, composite and SD-SDI / HD-SDI video inputs as well as any video server or CDN. Streamer PRO can also be used with your own video encoder or video switcher when needed.

Zero-Touch Setup & Management

Streamer PRO is designed to simply slide into your video streaming workflow without any change required. Simply plug your camera into Streamer PRO, configure your destination video servers / CDNs (up to 3 simultaneous) and start streaming live.

High Speed Internet Access

When not streaming video, Streamer PRO doubles as a Broadband Bonding Network Appliance for high speed Internet access over the bonded 4G LTE, 5G wireless cards for data applications.


Broadband Bonding™

Broadband Bonding is the technology that aggregates two or more Internet connections into a faster and more reliable connection. Mushroom Networks’ Broadband Bonding technology enables efficient, low-latency combining of broadband lines that can stripe packets from the same flow over different cellular links from different or the same service providers. The bonding technology works by intelligently measuring network conditions and accordingly making packet level decisions for resource allocation. This means you will get the aggregate speed of all of your lines with reduced latency and minimal overhead.

Video Armor Tunnel

The Video Armor tunnel has the ability to work around network problems such as packet loss, latency, jitter, or full link outages from the video application layer. This means, your live video stream will be 100% shielded from the wireless network problems and will therefore provide a broadcast quality video feed to its final destination with zero packet loss, zero jitter, and low latency. Video Armor accomplishes this via the Relay Unit in the cloud (or your data center) that can rebuild lost/late packets and relay the stream error free.



“I highly recommend Streamer as a video solution to anyone who is looking to add quality and reliability to their video streaming capability.”


Quality Digest

We are thrilled with the Streamer. Not only that, we are now able to generate new revenue streams by charging for live events.”

Trenton Berry


“Our connection now provides the available bandwidth for all of our responding agencies to access our real-time information. They are able to access resources back at the office or across the Internet as needed.”

William Lyons

IT Director
Paulding County

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Yes, all Mushroom Networks solutions, including the Streamer PRO, are available worldwide and will work in your country.

Depending on your country, there may be several options available to purchase a Streamer PRO. As the first step, please click the “Contact Sales” button below to get in touch with us.

Yes, Streamer PRO works with any service provider in any country and your service providers do not need to have bonding technology support. Streamer PRO supports hundreds of USB cellular dongle models and any new USB cellular dongle support can be added within a few days. You can also purchase generic USB cellular dongles without SIM cards from Mushroom Networks, to use them with your own SIM cards.

You can schedule a live online video streaming demo by getting in touch with us via the “Contact Sales” button below.

Please contact us via the “Contact Sales” button below to get pricing information on Streamer PRO.

Yes, you can combine cellular data connections from different service providers.

Yes. You can connect an additional wired Internet line, a satellite Internet or any other Internet access line via the Ethernet WAN port of the Portabella and Streamer.

For packet level aggregation granularity, including live video streaming, a peering node (either our Cloud Relay Service, or your own Relay Server) is needed to stitch the packets back together during the bonding process.

Streamer PRO has a built-in encoder so you can connect your broadcast camera directly to the Streamer PRO via SD/HD-SDI, S-video or composite video connectors. However, if you would like to bypass the Streamer PRO encoder and use your own video encoder instead, then you can do so by connecting your encoder to the Ethernet LAN port of the Streamer PRO. If you are always going to use your own video encoder, we recommend our Streamer product line.

Yes, Streamer PRO works transparently with any CDN and video server as long as it supports ingesting RTMP stream.

Streamer PRO has a built-in video encoder so that you can connect your broadcast camera directly. Streamer on the other hand does not have a built-in encoder and relies for you to feed in an already encoded video stream from your video encoder (such as a software encoder on your laptop, smartphone or a hardware encoder/switcher).

The total bandwidth usage of a live video streaming session depends on the video encoding bit rate and the duration of the stream. As an example a 60 minute, 4Mb video stream will consume 4 x 60 x 60 / 8 = 1.8GB of data where 1B (byte) = 8b (bits). With an estimated 10-20% video-armor overhead, the expected usage will be around 2.1GB for this example.

You can get your data SIM cards and data plans from your service providers.

Yes. This operating mode is called Teleporter and you will need a Mushroom Networks Teleporter Receiver in your studio that you can connect to your wired Internet. The Teleporter Receiver has a built-in decoder that will output via SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, S-video or composite video.

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