Planting Wireless Bonding in Georgia

Fierce Wireless covered a story about wireless bonding enabling the Georgia State Botanical Garden with fast and reliable Internet access. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

Solutions for wireless bonding continue catching on as users demand higher broadband speeds and more reliable connections. As part of that trend, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia recently deployed wireless bonding technology for use by staff and visitors.

Wireless bonding appliance Portabella 8000 with multi-SIMMushroom Networks’ Portabella bonding technology can aggregate the capacity of as many as eight USB-based 3G and LTE wireless data cards to create a single, high-speed mobile Internet connection. The State Botanical Garden, located in Athens, Ga., opted for the less expensive wireless bonding solution rather than a fiber deployment, which would have cost nearly $20,000, said Mushroom Networks, a privately held company headquartered in San Diego…

“There simply weren’t very many viable options for us,” said James Gilstrap, IT professional at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. “After talking with multiple engineers from the Internet service provider here and two mobile carrier companies, we decided cellular data service was really the only way to go but we knew one wireless data card wouldn’t be enough in terms of bandwidth capacity as well as reliability. We needed at least four, and we needed a way to bond them together. Mushroom Networks had the solution, and an extremely knowledgeable and supportive engineering team to help us implement the Portabella and get us back on the Internet.”

You can read more about this press release here.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.

Mushroom Networks is the provider of SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) and NFV solutions capable of Broadband Bonding that enables self-healing WAN networks that route around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss.


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