Partnership to Boost Bandwidth and Reliability of Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is continuing its growth, fueled by new technologies that make it easier and more cost effective to stream live. For many decades, live video delivery had been limited to only professionals that could afford the high-end Electronic News Gathering (ENG) equipments and personnel required. With new technologies such as the Streamer by Mushroom Networks (that bonds 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G wireless cards to enable webcasting from any location) and Paladin’s portable production studio (that enables video production on the field), streaming live video to the web is easier and more professional looking than ever.

Today, Mushroom Networks and Paladin Innovators announced a partnership and interoperability of their solutions. What this means to webcasters is that now they can enjoy the benefits of both technologies simultaneously. They can access the production studio features of the Paladin studio and have the capability of live video streaming directly to their preferred CDN using the bonded 3G, 4G wireless connections through the Streamer device.

Combining Mushroom Networks’ patented Broadband Bonding technology, which bonds multiple broadband access technologies into a single pipe, with the Paladin, means higher-quality and more reliable video streams can be achieved at live events with an ease of setup and lower cost than has yet been seen.

The Paladin is a portable, turnkey streaming system that works with multiple cameras, from a Red Camera to an iPhone, via four HD-SDI inputs or through Firewire, USB, and Ethernet inputs. The system allows for live switching and can be controlled through Paladin’s Producer iPad app. The Paladin is compact – about the size of a ream of paper – and easily fits in a backpack so broadcasters, vloggers, and others can shoot and stream live video from almost anywhere. With the addition of Mushroom Networks’ technology, live event producers break through the limits associated with single wireless card Internet access, a limitation that significantly impacts the quality and reliability of the live streams.

Both technologies integrate ease of use along with professional quality video at a very affordable price. Happy webcasting!

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.

Mushroom Networks is the provider of SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) and NFV solutions capable of Broadband Bonding that enables self-healing WAN networks that route around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss.


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