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Live video streaming over bonded 4G LTE wireless from remote race tracks

Keeping existing workflow with their video encoder, multi-camera switcher and CDN unchanged


Streamer™ live video streaming solution by Mushroom Networks


Capability to stream high-quality live video from otherwise impossible locations

High-reliability video streaming to support mission critical projects

Avoiding expensive wired Internet rental

Bonus feature of Streamer’s WiFi access point for fast data

RacinDirt is a Grain Valley, Missouri-based company that manages racing events featuring Dirt-Modified stock cars. The races are held on tracks from Minnesota to Texas. RacinDirt broadcasts races as they happen and has a fee-based subscription option for fans to watch the race live with high-quality video. RacinDirt also has a website ( along with their live video streaming services.

RacinDirt has been providing live video streaming services to their racing fans with legacy connectivity methods, namely, rented wired Internet lines whenever available. Many times, live video streaming was not even an option in cases where wired Internet was not available at any price, such as race tracks in remote sites.

Even in scenarios where there was a wired Internet option, the reliance on a single Internet line had proven to be too risky and the cost per day can easily become a financial roadblock. Similarly, for very high-quality live video streaming, a technology that can combine several Internet resources was the only option.

RacinDirt chose Mushroom Networks’ Streamer™ which provided the capability to bond together several cellular wireless data modems from disparate service providers to create a bonded IP tunnel that is optimized for live video streaming applications. “Mushroom Networks’ Streamer gives us the portable, optimized and reliable bandwidth we need, so we can give fans, family and friends who can’t make it to the actual event, the live, high-quality racing video they want, as the race is happening,“ says Trenton Berry, CEO and co-owner of RacinDirt. Not only does Streamer facilitate a reliable, robust IP tunnel, it allows RacinDirt to hook up and control three cameras and a multi-camera live video switcher – in effect creating a portable production and content distribution system that can work from any race track. Streamer’s built-in WAN Ethernet port and built-in WiFi enables RacinDirt to stream live video from tradeshows as well.

One other important aspect of the solution for RacinDirt was the ability to mix and match wired and wireless Internet resources for bonding, we well as the built-in WiFi Access Point capabilities of Streamer.

RacinDirt is the leading company that provides live video streaming from the racing tracks of dirt-track car races. They have chosen Streamer™ by Mushroom Networks for the capability of streaming live high-quality video over bonded 3G/4G/LTE wireless from any location.

“We are thrilled with the Streamer. Not only that, we are now able to generate new revenue streams by charging for live events.”

Trenton Berry, CEO, RacinDirt.

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