Brochure for Streamer 141

Live video streaming over bonded 3G/4G/LTE wireless

This Streamer model is EOL (End-of-Life). Please check out the newer Streamer 4000 model.

The Streamer is an ultra portable palm sized device that enables live streaming over bonded IP connections such as wireless cellular cards, DSL, cable and/or T1. Simply connect your video switcher, harware encoder (or your encoder that is installed on your laptop) to the Streamer and start streaming to your video server or CDN as usual. Streamer is ideal for streaming live video and audio content to a website from anywhere you have cellular coverage. Up to 4 Internet connections can be combined to increase the available bandwidth for HD quality video and to provide high reliability video streaming. Streamer will accept various types of video streams via an Ethernet cable that is connected to the Streamer. Streamer will bond the available Internet connections that are plugged into the unit and will send the stream to your preferred CDN (Content Delivery Network) through Mushroom Networks cloud relay points. The relay service is transparent to your application.


Transparent streaming over bonded Internet

Streamer replaces or augments your wired Internet line in your existing streaming system with the bonded Internet connections. You can seamlessly plug in an Ethernet cable to connect your laptop, encoder or switcher to the Streamer and start streaming.

Support for most types of video servers

Streamer supports all of the CDNS and popular video servers including Youtube*, Akamai*, Limelight*, Facebook*, LiveStream*,*, Ustream* and many others.

Support for most types of video source

Streamer supports most of the popular video encoders including Flash* Media Live Encoder, Wirecast*, Tricaster*, TouchStream* etc.

High quality video streaming

The cutting-edge resource allocation and bonding algorithms provides a high quality video stream with high resolution and high frame rate.

High speed Internet access & WiFi

Streamer can also be used to access the Internet over the bonded connection.


Streamer 141 Hardware Specifications

Mechanical dimensions: 5.9″(W) x 4.3″(D) x 1.8″(H), ultra portable
Weight: 1.14lbs.
Input power requirement: External power supply or optional rechargeable battery pack
USB ports: 4 (for cellular data)
LAN ports (10/100baseT, auto-sensed): 1 RJ45 Ethernet connector
Wired WAN ports: None
Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS-5, ICES-03, UL, cUL
Operating Temperature: 32 – 113 F, 0 – 45 Celsius
Operating Humidity Range: 20-90%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range: 32 – 140 F, 0 –
60 Celsius
Storage Humidity Range:
 0 – 90%, @ 45 Celsius, non-condensing
 Active cooling with fans

Streamer 141 Software Specifications

Max throughput: 35 Mbps (standalone), 30 Mbps (RTMP)
Device management: Web based (via cloud or local Ethernet), SNMP, Remote Syslog, Email alerts.
Video Armor: Outages/fades on the 3G/4G/LTE cards are shielded from video
CDN Support: RTMP based video servers/CDNs & others
Internet Access: High speed Internet access via Ethernet
Firewall / Routing: Advanced firewall and routing capabilities

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