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Video Production / Broadcasting


Live video streaming over bonded 4G LTE wireless from remote locations

Live video streaming capability from trade shows without expensive wired Internet rental

Keeping existing workflow with their video encoder and CDN unchanged


Streamer™ live video streaming solution by Mushroom Networks


Capability to stream high quality live video from otherwise impossible locations

High reliability video streaming to support mission critical projects

Avoiding expensive wired Internet rental

Bonus feature of Streamer’s WiFi access point for fast data

Quality Digest is a 25 year old B2B media company based in Chico California, with a focus on quality professionals, control insurance and standards, as well as test measurements. Quality Digest has a print and online publication ( along with their live video streaming services. Quality Digest is the first company to successfully employ live video broadcasting in their sector.

Quality Digest has been providing live video streaming services to their clients with legacy connectivity methods, namely, rented wired Internet lines whenever available. Many times, live video streaming was not even an option in cases where wired Internet was not available no matter how pricey, such as shipyards or similar remote client sites.

Even in scenarios where there was a wired Internet option such as tradeshows, the cost of a single Internet line can cost $6,000 per day and can easily become a financial roadblock for their client’s project. In cases where wired lines have been used, reliance on a single Internet connectivity may create problems as live video streaming does not have any tolerance to Internet line failures or temporary performance degradations of the single Internet connection.

Quality Digest chose Mushroom Networks’ Streamer™ after looking at various other options. Streamer™ provided the capability to bond together several cellular wireless data modems from any service provider that creates a rock-solid IP tunnel which is optimized for live video streaming applications. “There have been situations where the bandwidth we were getting from each wireless modem was limited at best and we were worried that we may not have enough bandwidth, but thanks to the Streamer that has not happened yet”, says Quality Digest’s Dirk Dusharme who also commented on the extremely responsive technical team at Mushroom Networks. “That was one of the many reasons we chose the Streamer – Mushroom Networks worked closely with us to make sure our live video streams were a success”.

Quality Digest was able to keep their software-based RTMP video encoder/switcher on their laptop and their video server untouched and simply replace the Internet connection with the Ethernet cable connected to the Streamer.

One other important aspect of the solution for Quality Digest was the ability to mix and match wired and wireless Internet resources for bonding. As an example, a wired T1 line or a cable modem at the venue can be combined with cellular data modems to boost the available bandwidth and improve redundancy.

Quality Digest is a premier B2B media company that has live video streaming services within their solutions portfolio. They have chosen Streamer™ by Mushroom Networks for the capability of streaming live high-quality video over bonded 3G/4G wireless from any location.

“I highly recommend Streamer as a video solution to anyone who is looking to add quality and reliability to their video streaming capability.”

Dirk Dusharme, Owner, Quality Digest

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