Will Desk Phones at Work Become Just an App on Your Mobile?

Reliable VoIP is possible and it is ready for prime timeAs reliable VoIP services have become more stable and affordable, organizations have jumped at the ability to replace outdated phone systems. Today, WAN-based communications are available in both VoIP and UC, or Unified Communications, at costs that are far below traditional PBX-switched systems. Even better, today’s UC practices are capable of working interchangeably with PBX systems.

Reliable VoIP and Mobile Devices

In the early days of VoIP, calls were restricted to the in-house network, and only worked with phones that were designed for packet switched communication. This was discouraging for many organizations because it meant that each desk had to be equipped with a special phone, or had to be routed through a computer. The second option often meant being restricted to using headset, making the systems unpopular. Those drawbacks no longer exist in the modern world of unified communications, and call routing can be made to or through most mediums, including traditional desk phones or even your cell phone.

Apps are available today for most popular smartphone operating systems, including iPhone and Android, which turn a cell phone into a mobile communications link. Individual phones are registered on the organization’s internal WiFi network, and entering or leaving the WiFi boundary triggers a handshake which enable services. This eliminates the need for specialized desktop phones. It also eliminates or drastically reduces the in-house telephony infrastructure, because many of the call routing and management tasks are automated.

VoIP has Come of Age

But the benefits of UC and reliable VoIP are even more pronounced. Instead of becoming unavailable when a mobile phone leaves the organization’s internal WiFi system, unified communications makes it possible to include call conferencing, call routing and most PBX-style call management in mobile phones that can be used anywhere a cell signal is available. Certain limitations still apply, such as the loss of signal when you are out of range of a cell tower, but communications within a high-reception area carry the same latency and failover support as any other device registered with the network. For VoIP, this includes the network tunneling and multi-band redundancy used to ensure throughput speeds and data integrity.

Unified Communications Means a Mobile Office

Using affordable or even free cell phone apps, your office is now capable of going with you almost anywhere you go. By contrast, a traditional desk phone is trapped in your office, and all it can do there is provide voice communications. With UC, reliable VoIP is only one of many possibilities, including video conferencing, file sharing, real time collaboration and more. And all of this can take place while you are stuck in gridlock traffic on a Friday afternoon or waiting on a delayed flight home from overseas. The desk phone is going to fade away because it cannot compete with the power and performance of unified communications, but that is still only the tip of the iceberg.

VoIP is the Future of Business Communications

Reliable VoIP is a leading factor in moving your in-house network into the cloud. Unified cloud services, including communications, can be furnished more reliably and at a lower cost than providing the same services in-house, without sacrificing quality or performance. The benefits of unified communications are astounding, but when those benefits are coupled with such things as guaranteed SLAs and QoS via orchestrating multiple IP SIP trunk connections intelligently for reliability, moving away from in-house networks is simply another way for organizations to remain competitive.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.

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