Unique Selling Proposition for Bandwidth Brokers

Unique value proposition for bandwidth brokersWith Internet Service Providers, bandwidth brokers, and value added service providers, today’s market place offers many add-on options, above and beyond pure bandwidth, that creates unique selling propositions for the packaged service. Being a bandwidth broker agent, buying from larger carriers and ISPs and selling those services to end-clients is only attractive with a large client base (as agents can tap into resell margins generated by larger volumes). However, competing purely on price, or even on differentiators that rely on important, but traditional advantages (think of customer service) is not enough in today’s market-place with increased competition.

At the same time, there has never been a better time for bandwidth brokers, where there are ample IT technologies and services that can add tremendous value to their offerings. Consider a bandwidth broker that can provide bandwidth from the local carrier (such as ATT, Verizon etc.) and local cable provider (such as Comcast, Time Warner, etc.) as well as various other providers. If the broker can take advantage of Software-Defined Broadband Bonding routers, then the offering turns into a high-bandwidth service with unmatched performance and reliability. All of a sudden, the aggregate offering can significantly elevate the quality of the bandwidth and reliability of the services.

A great example of this is Genuity Networks, a Dover, NH based service provider that offers metro-E, broadband, private WAN networks, LTE and VOIP. Recently, they added Broadband Bonding capabilities to their portfolio of offerings to create a comprehensive suite of managed network services. Genuity Networks is a new class of service provider offering managed communications services that cater to businesses’ unique needs. When asked about the impact of their recent technological partnership with Mushroom Networks, Scott Michaud, the managing director at Genuity Networks responded, “Integrating Mushroom Networks’ products into our Software Defined Network Architecture enables us to deliver a unique solution to our clients with unprecedented levels of uptime and Quality of Service, while reducing circuit costs.”

For bandwidth brokers and agents, it is crucial to create a service offering that has significant added value beyond simply reselling bandwidth. As we all move to the cloud, it is even more important to have reliable connectivity to the cloud, and ISPs and other service providers cannot afford to ignore the advantages of broadband bonding technologies.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc. 

Mushroom Networks is the provider of Software Defined WAN and load balancing solutions capable of Broadband Bonding that enables self-healing WAN networks that route around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss.



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