Redundant Internet Access Now Available in Africa

Mushroom Networks is bringing redundant Internet access to enterprises in Africa through its partnership with T48 Internet Solutions, a connectivity provider in Africa. T48 will provide Mushroom Networks’ Broadband Bonding SD-WAN appliances to provide business clients with high performance and high reliability WAN connectivity.

Redundant Internet access is particularly more important in areas where quality bandwidth pipes can be cost prohibitive, or simply not available. The ability to construct redundant Internet access capabilities by making use of inexpensive broadband connections will enable businesses in Africa to compete on an equal footing. Redundant Internet access is clearly not the only infrastructure that determines success of a business, but clearly is one of the fundamental factors in today’s Internet-based economy.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“…Broadband Bonding technology makes it possible to fuse more than one Internet connections into a single line, increasing bandwidth and reliability. Those are currently key limitations on growth within the channel in many African countries—which is why, for example, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux and Canonical, launched the Freedom Toaster project to make it easier to redistribute free and open source software to users with limited access to bandwidth.

The deal between Mushroom Networks and T48, a connectivity provider in Africa, promises to make it simpler for African users to download software without having to rely on initiatives such as Freedom Toasters. Through broadband bonding, the partners will deliver faster, more redundant Internet access that takes advantage of all types of Internet connections available in a given location—DSL, fiber, cable, T1, DIA, MPLS, satellite and cellular data networks—and combines them into a single stream.

That, in turn, means more ready and practical access in African markets to cloud services, Big Data and a range of data-intensive Internet content and services such as video and VoIP…”

To read more about this press release, please click here.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.

Mushroom Networks is the provider of SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) and NFV solutions capable of Broadband Bonding that enables self-healing WAN networks that route around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss.


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  1. Well, It is a great step towards the establishment and I think they took a correct decision as it is helpful to make the infrastructure stronger.

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