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Mushroom Networks Case Study:

I’ve been interviewing many of our older customers to learn about their use of our original Truffle. It’s been fun speaking to our early clients, and learning from them how the Truffle is performing after a few years. Here is a recap of my conversation with Micheal Durdin of East Wake Academy:

In 2006 East Wake Academy had two critical challenges: Internet reliability and computer access. The Mushroom Networks solution East Wake implemented enabled the private elementary school to nearly double the number of computers on campus. With improved computer and Internet access, East Wake students and teachers can also work more efficiently to maximize productivity and learning in the classroom.

Before installing Mushroom Network’s Truffle device, East Wake Academy (a K-12 Charter School with about 1,050 students), relied on only one 6Mb DSL line to provide Internet access to 250 computers. The Internet went down intermittently each day and teachers would have to stop their lessons while the modem was reset. Internet down-time caused classes to lose momentum, while students lost precious time on the computers.

Durdin told me: “I can’t blame the issues we were having on the DSL service we had. It was never designed to handle 250 computers. We were pushing it way past its limits due to budget constraints. We were unable to afford the same expensive Internet options as larger companies and campuses. This not only limited the amount of computers we could have on campus, but the use of other technologies as well.”

Since installing the Truffle, East Wake Academy has grown the amount of computers on campus from 250 to 497, distributed over six buildings. Fiber optic cable is used to connect each building to the one housing the Truffle, which is connected to one T-1 line and five 6Mb DSL lines. Now, East Wake’s students and teachers can access the Internet reliably and with maximum speed to vastly improve efficiency in the classroom.

“With Mushroom Networks’ Truffle device, we took the same DSL technology we had, added four new lines, and are now supplying approximately 500 computers withquick and reliable Internet service. Most importantly, we have the room we need to grow as an organization,” said Durdin.

“The device was extremely easy to setup. First, I hooked it to the network and issued it a suitable IP address. Second, I put the DSL modems in bridge mode and hooked them to the front of the device. Lastly, I configured each DSL line for PPPOE with username and password. That was it. The first-time setup can be done really quickly by anyone with basic networking experience,” added Durdin.

Michael reports that after over four years our Truffle is performing better than they could have dreamed. Now the school has the ability to add multiple 6mb DSL lines at the extremely affordable price of $75.00 each.

“The TRUFFLE has been an absolute life-saver. Minus the T1 line, we could max out the version of the TRUFFLE we have with six DSL or Cable lines for approximately $450!That is a deal for fast, reliable Internet service,” said Durdin.

All in all, a great conversation with a very friendly client of ours. Thanks Michael, for the chat!

Puja Abid, VP of Marketing, Mushroom Networks, Inc. 

Mushroom Networks is the provider of SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) and NFV solutions capable of Broadband Bonding that enables self-healing WAN networks that route around network problems such as latency, jitter and packet loss.


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