Can a Dual-WAN Router Solve the Problem of the Cloud's Vulnerable Dependency on WAN Uptime and Performance?

As an IT manager, there are really solid reasons to embrace service architectures that are based on cloud services and cloud-based vendors. The immediate ones that come to mind are: cost reduction, no need for maintenance and no expensive upgrade cycles. Perhaps the only shortcoming of cloud-based services is the vulnerable dependency of these services on WAN uptime and WAN performance. Can a dual-WAN router solve this problem effectively?

Well, it is a great start and it is significantly better than having a single WAN as the lifeline for your business. It can be easy to confuse the claimed line speed by your ISP with the real reliability of the link. It doesn’t matter how fast your fiber line is, if your WAN link is down, your business processes that are dependent on the cloud infrastructure will also be down.

A dual-WAN router can provide a significant increase in connectivity uptime. As an example, if a single WAN line has 5% failure rate (with 95% uptime), by simply using a dual-WAN router with bonding and two of those WAN links, one can skyrocket the uptime, since the new uptime will be 100% – (5% x 5%) = 99.75%.

A dual-WAN router is the bare minimum that a business should consider designing into their network. Dual-WAN routers with broadband bonding capabilities will not only ensure seamless failover in case of a line failure, but will also boost performance of the network as well. One can clearly improve upon a dual-WAN router design by simply having more than 2 WAN links, i.e. a multi-WAN router. It is not difficult to see how you can achieve very high 9s availability by simply broadband bonding several cost effective WAN links.

Cahit Akin, CEO, Mushroom Networks, Inc.

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