Looking for live broadcast quality video streaming from the field? You found it! 

Teleporter by Mushroom Networks streams live video over bonded cellular aircards. Just plug in your camera and aircards to start streaming with broadcast quality and very low glass-to-glass latency, to your head office, to a third party CDN or you can stream to your website hosted by our CDN. Teleporter uses several cellular wireless aircards from any service provider (all standards are supported 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G) to deliver the best video streaming capability on the go. 

Teleporter is a small form factor device, that a photographer / videographer / reporter can plug in several cellular wireless data modem cards (from different wireless carriers). Teleporter can be used with the ultra portable backpack carrying case (that weighs under 4.4 lbs / 2 Kgs) or can be directly attached to the Anton Bauer or IDX V-mount of the video camera. 

If you prefer to use your own software encoder on your laptop and only interested in streaming to a CDN, please see our other product Streamer by clicking here.

Teleporter utilizes cutting edge resource allocation and bonding technology to provide the highest quality video with highest reliability with unmatched glass-to-glass latency.

The bonding technology enables the delivery of video services for the Streamer PROTeleporter solution (streaming from mobile locations to a host location and/or to a website and/or to a CDN, over the bonded wireless cellular data connections) with much higher upload speeds compared to a single cellular data connection and with unmatched reliability. You can achieve broadcast quality glass to glass latency with no pixelations or frame freezes. For more information on Streamer PRO / Teleporter, please click here

Teleporter powers many applications. Some of the applications include: 

  • News gathering an streaming live video from a remote site to a head office, to the web and to the mobile web.
  • Video streaming for emergency response.
  • Video streaming for video surveillance.
  • Military video applications and many more.

Teleporter solution enables a much more cost effective way of uploading / streaming / broadcasting live video compared to expensive satellite or microwave communications. 

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