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Satronen Sound Adopts Mushroom Networks’ Broadband Bonding

Mushroom Networks’ Live Video Streaming Solution Portabella Provides Fault-tolerant Wireless Internet for Satronen Sound’s Live Video Production Services.

SAN DIEGO – March 27, 2023 – Satronen Sound, a video production company based in Portland, Maine, has found success in providing high-quality live event video streaming and remote streaming services to commercial ads and network TV digital content thanks to Mushroom Networks’ broadband bonding solutions.

Satronen Sound’s clients require live audio and video to be streamed on-location to secure video platforms for off-site clients, advertising agency reps, vendors, and others. As the shift towards virtual, in-person hybrid events has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Satronen Sound has quickly adapted to meet their clients’ needs.

In their search for a bonded internet device that could balance multiple connections, including cellular USB modem hotspots and a wifi connection, and output the aggregate of those connections into one fast reliable LAN Ethernet connection, Satronen Sound tried a software-based VPN channel bonding and a hardware-based bonding unit but found that each one lacked their unique requirements. They also wanted a company with excellent customer service to invest in a bonding device that could be managed by experts since video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, and Facebook’s technical specs are constantly changing.

After a Portabella streamer demo with the sales and support team at Mushroom Networks, Satronen Sound was convinced that their product and support team were the right choice. Adopting the Mushroom Networks Portabella streamer solution, they felt more confident in streaming video for short or all-day productions.

The Portabella streamer solution provided Satronen Sound with a bonding device that balanced four internet connections, including three cellular USB modem hotspots and a wifi connection, and output the aggregate of those connections into one fast reliable LAN Ethernet connection for their laptop to run their streaming software apps.

Since Satronen Sound had a minimum of 3 to 4 connections bonded by the Mushroom Networks solution, they never experienced a lost connection in any of their live streams. During all-day live events presenting a live switched multi-camera video production to the Zoom application, they had no problem staying connected to Zoom. Even during 3+ hour live broadcasts to YouTube Live, they always had a solid connection, and any fluctuations with their cellular hotspots were managed and balanced by the Portabella.

Satronen Sound used the Portabella in some instances to supply another live event company with a backup internet connection if their dedicated hardline Ethernet LAN connection went down. This compact and robust bonding device has been their best-kept secret to successfully delivering live streams to their clients.

“Satronen Sound’s experience with the Portabella Streamer has been fantastic! They power it up, connect their AT&T and Verizon cellular modems and add local wifi if available, check their connections are all running using the Mushroom Networks Connection Portal and that’s it. All the bonding is essentially done in the cloud using Mushroom Networks servers, and nothing from the user side needs to be managed. Being able to see all the connections being used in real-time is quite helpful. If one of their modems is struggling, they can decide to leave it online in the mix or remove it and leave the most reliable online. It has been almost 2 years since they started using the Portabella Streamer, and they are happy to say that they have had not one stream experience any down time,” said Pete Nenortas, Owner, Satronen Sound.

In 2023, Satronen Sound has exciting projects lined up for HGTV Network, where they will be live streaming promotional digital content video shoots to off-site clients and vendors. These shoots often take place in remote locations, such as the mountains of Vermont or New Mexico, where internet connectivity can be spotty. Satronen Sound relies on the Mushroom Networks Portabella to ensure a stable and reliable internet connection during these live streams. The bonding technology becomes critical in keeping the live video transmission with a balanced pipeline for upload and download speeds. Thanks to the Portabella, Satronen Sound can deliver high-quality live video streams to their clients without any interruptions or connectivity issues.


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About Satronen Sound

Satronen Sound, based in Portland, Maine, offers Live Event Video Streaming and Remote Streaming services for video production shoots for commercial ads and Network TV digital content. Satronen Sound works with a variety of video production companies and broadcast TV networks that require high-quality audio and video to be streamed live on-location to secure video platforms for viewing for off-site clients, advertising agency reps, vendors, and others.

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