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Mushroom Networks to Showcase Its Application Armor Technology at SD-WAN Expo 2019

SD-WAN Innovator's Application Armor Sets Networks on Autopilot®

SAN DIEGO – January 15, 2019 – Mushroom Networks announced today that the company will showcase their Application Armor, an overlay tunneling that can make sense of the transport performance in real-time and accordingly react to take corrective measures without any human intervention. Mushroom’s Application Armor will be showcased in SD-WAN Expo 2019 trade show during January 30th, 31st and February 1st in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Application Armor is an overlay tunnel available for all of Mushroom’s SD-WAN appliances. Application Armor has the ability to understand the various nuances of the underlying transports from a performance perspective as it monitors the WAN path metrics in real-time. With the cognitive understanding of the paths, Application Armor can make intelligent choices for steering the IP packets in an optimum manner. 

As an example, Application Armor has the ability be deployed alongside with Mushroom’s award winning 3G/4G/LTE wireless bonding device Portabella and therefore create a connectivity that can react intelligently to avoid packets going through a wireless transport that may have a network problem at that point in time, such as packet loss, latency or other derivative metrics such as the recent history of that channel.

Application Armor has already been deployed with leading Service Providers as well as enterprises ranging from small to large in size.

“Application Armor is our next generation overlay networking technology that takes us one step closer towards putting networks on autopilot. Essentially, we are giving our SD-WAN appliances the ability to make sense of the networks they are managing and make human-like decisions to improve end-user experience,” said Cahit Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks. 

Application Armor will be on display at the SD-WAN Expo 2019 trade show at Mushroom Networks booth# 326. 


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