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In today’s corporate Voice over IP implementations, let it be a none PRI PBX over T1 or voice system over asynchronous Internet access lines such as DSL or Cable, there are two major factors that effect the quality of the voice.

First one is the priority that is given to the VoIP packets that are generated within the office network. If any non-real-time traffic takes priority over the real-time traffic such as VoIP, the latency of VoIP packets will increase and therefore the quality will degrade.

The second factor that is effecting the quality of VoIP is the inbound delays and jitter that the incoming VoIP packets experience. Especially during heavy inbound traffic, the delay experienced by the inbound VoIP packets may become so high that the voice quality of the VoIP application may become unbearable.

Truffle Internet bonding devices by Mushroom Networks provides 100% uptime and accelerated Internet speed to your office via bonding up to 8 broadband Internet access lines (any combination of DSLs, Cable, T1, E1, DIA, fiber, MPLS, 4G LTE, 5G), while saving on your monthly bandwidth cost. After the three minute drop-in install into your network without requiring any changes in your existing network (no changes to your existing firewall, routers and LAN equipment), you will get:

  • QoS FOR VOIP — The Network Calculus based QoS algorithms will provide the best VoIP quality and avoid dropped calls even during ISP failurs.
  • FAST INTERNET — The speed for your WAN network will be the aggregate of the Internet access lines plugged into the Truffle.
  • 100% UPTIME — High 9s availability of your office connectivity with built-in application continuity, keeping web applications alive even during ISP failures.
  • COST SAVING — Compared to equivalent single line services from the same ISPs, the monthly bandwidth cost will be lower.

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