SD-WAN with uCPE or vCPE

Mushroom’s SD-WAN solution is now available as a software solution via a virtual machine such as KVM, HyperV or VMware running on an off-the-shelf X86 hardware platforms including numerous universal CPE (uCPE) hardware. Service chain various services to provide a complete and customized package to your customers.

Mushroom’s SD-WAN solution with Internet bonding provides 100% uptime and accelerated Internet speed to your office. Capabilities include bonding and intelligent management of up to 8 broadband Internet access lines (any combination of DSLs, Cable, DIA, T1, E1, fiber, MPLS, 4G LTE, 5G) to optimize application performance, while saving on your monthly bandwidth cost. After the 3 minute drop-in install into your network without requiring any changes in your existing network (no changes to your existing firewall, routers and LAN equipment), you are ready to set your network on autopilot.

Mushroom’s optional add-on security suite delivered via cloud or on the SD-WAN appliance provides Unified Threat Management (UTM) with capabilities such as intrusion prevention, reputation based threat mitigation, advanced persistent threat blocking, data loss prevention, network mapping, application control, web content filtering, antivirus, anti-spam and intelligent antivirus.

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