Improve Remote Access and VPN Performance

Mushroom Networks’ Internet bonding appliance Truffle, once installed in branch offices, can create a bonded IP connection between the offices and the Headquarter / data-center. This overlay bonded tunnel (bonding any type of connection such as DSL, cable, fiber, DIA, T1, MPLS, LTE, 5G cellular etc) can carry the site-to-site VPN traffic, or any other Internet traffic with the total aggregate speed of the broadband connection and the built in session reliability even during ISP failures. This technology is the most cost effective alternative to MPLS. It also can be deployed in conjunction with an MPLS architecture to augment MPLS.

Truffle Internet bonding devices by Mushroom Networks provides 100% uptime and accelerated Internet speed to your office via bonding up to 8 broadband Internet access lines, while saving on your monthly bandwidth cost. After the 3 minute drop-in install into your network without requiring any changes in your existing network (no changes to your existing firewall, routers and LAN equipment), you will get:

  • FAST INTERNET — The speed for your WAN network will be the aggregate of the Internet access lines plugged into the Truffle.
  • 100% UPTIME — High 9s availability of your office connectivity with built-in application continuity, keeping web applications alive even during ISP failures.
  • COST SAVING — Compared to equivalent single line services from the same ISPs, the monthly bandwidth cost will be lower.

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