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Legacy Internet lines were no longer adequate to handle new data transfer needs and were expensive.


Truffle was installed to bond four DSL connections at a much lower cost.


Broadband costs reduced by 50% and Internet connectivity speeds increased by a factor of four.

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M‐Wave originally had two DIA lines from AT&T. They were reliable, but very expensive. Their data access is basically keyboard, mouse and monitor oriented for the cloud which can operate successfully at less than DIA speeds. M‐Wave’s requirement for individual processing power of servers/desktops/laptops to be supported by DIA was not necessary. Their ERP, email and database servers are all located off‐site, making a consistent and reliable connection very important in running day‐to‐day operations.

The solution was to use a six-port Truffle SD-WAN unit fed by four DSL modems. The Mushroom Networks box was then connected to a switch that fed all of the offices in the building. By using Mushroom Networks’ bonding solution, the aggregate throughput was much higher than the DIA lines and brought enhanced service reliability with it. Dependability of VoIP provided by Aptela was also tested for link redundancies with great success.

Using Truffle, capable of Broadband Bonding to aggregate 2 or more broadband lines provided M-Wave International with the following benefits:

Boost in WAN Performance:

Truffle appliances were used to bond 4 DSL circuits. M-Wave increased capacity 400%. The overall WAN metrics improved both for mission-critical applications as well as best-effort traffic.

Boost in WAN Reliability:

Truffle provided self-healing WAN and dynamic failover capabilities for M-Wave’s network. As a result, on-going Internet sessions are now shielded from any WAN outages or performance fluctuations, as long as at least one of the WAN connections stays up.

Reduced WAN Cost:

The cost savings achieved by M-Wave International were very significant, reaching a full 50%.

Reduced Emergency Calls & Related Cost:

Implementing Truffle significantly reduced emergency calls for IT problem tickets as most WAN-related outages and emergencies are now shielded from the users and can now be addressed after hours in scheduled maintenance windows.


After installing a Mushroom Networks Truffle, M‐Wave International was able to reduce their internet infrastructure cost while achieving higher bandwidth and reliability. Additionally, their ROI (Return on Investment) for the Truffle unit was only a few months because of the significant savings in their monthly bandwidth cost over the DIA lines, making Truffle a clear winner for high bandwidth with high reliability at a low cost.

“A consistent and reliable connection to the Cloud is extremely important to running our day‐to‐day operation. By utilizing four DSL lines and modems we can minimize or avoid down time if any one modem fails… What’s great about the Truffle is it aggregates the four DSL connections we have installed. ”

John Piccirilli

Director of Operations, M-Wave International

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