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RTMP Bonding for Live Video Streaming

he Streamer-1U transports an already encoded video/audio signal from a remote office location to a video server located in a headquarter office or cloud over bonded WAN connections. Streamer 1U is ideal for TV broadcasters, teleconferencers, emergency response and other video streaming applications that provide live video from a remote location, to a video server at a different location, with high quality, high reliability and very low glass-to-glass latency. An encoded video source can be connected to the Streamer-1U unit via the LAN Ethernet port and up to 4 wired Internet connections (such as Cable, ADSL, T1, E1 etc.) can be connected to the WAN ports of the Streamer 1U. Streamer 1U can stream to Streamer Relay Unit at the receive side, or can stream to a Cloud Relay Point in the cloud that can then multi-cast to various number of video server end- points.


Transparent Streaming over bonded Internet

Streamer-1U leverages Internet bonding technology and Video Armor technology for flawless video streaming. This provides an IP transport that is optimized for live video streaming.

Support for most types of video servers

Streamer supports all of the CDNS and popular video servers including Youtube*, Akamai*, Limelight*, Facebook*, LiveStream*,*, Ustream* and many others.

Support for most types of video source

Streamer supports most of the popular video encoders including Flash* Media Live Encoder, Wirecast*, Tricaster*, TouchStream* etc.

High Quality video streaming

The cutting- edge resource allocation algorithms enables a high quality video stream with high resolution and high frame rate.


Streamer 1U Hardware

Mechanical dimensions: 438(W) x 292.1(D) x 44(H) mm, 17.25″(W) x 11.5″(D) x 1.73″(H)
Weight: 10.4lbs.
Input power requirement: 200W full-range ATX
USB ports: 2 (for cellular data)
LAN ports(GbE, auto-sensed): 2 RJ45 Ethernet LAN ports.
WAN ports(GbE, auto-sensed): 4 RJ45 Ethernet WAN ports. 4 more or 8 more RJ45 Ethernet WAN ports add-on option.
Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS-5, ICES-03, UL, cUL
Operating Temperature: 32 – 104 F, 0 – 40 Celsius
Operating Humidity Range: 20-90% RH
Storage Temperature Range: -4 – 158 F, -20 –
70 Celsius

Streamer 1U Software

RTMP Max throughput: 20 Mbps (100 Mbps with performance pack add-on).
Device management: Web based (via cloud or local LAN)
Video Armor: Outages/fades on the WANs are shielded from video stream.
CDN Support: RTMP based video servers/CDNs & others
Internet Access: High speed Internet access via built in Broadband Bonding.
Firewall / Routing: Advanced firewall and routing capabilities.


Base model: 4 Ethernet WAN ports
4 WAN ports addon: Available in Streamer 1UE model.
12 WAN ports addon: Available in Streamer 1UEC, UEF, UEX, UEXX models (fiber or copper options).
Fiber 10G LAN ports addon: Available for Streamer 1UEX, UEXX models.
Performance pack addon: Available in Streamer 1UE, UEC, UEF, UEX, UEXX models.

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