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WAN networks are invariably unpredictable and usually fluctuate over time. When VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) packets are exposed to packet loss, high latency, jitter or any other network fluctuations, the audio quality of the VOIP traffic will be negatively impacted. The phone call may suffer from echo, hissing, crackling artifacts, gaps in conversation or even dropped call.

Supporting real-time applications over WAN requires an agile and adaptive WAN Orchestration approach. VOIP Armor, is specifically designed to optimize VOIP performance over WAN links.

VOIP Armor creates a bonded tunnel to the Relay Unit either hosted in the cloud, or in your own data-center. The bonded tunnel between your office VOIP Armor and the Relay is optimized for VOIP / SIP traffic, where your phone calls are shielded from packet loss, line disconnects, high jitter or latency spikes in any of the Internet lines you have in the office. This results in significantly higher quality VOIP/SIP calls that have high 9s reliability. With VOIP Armor you can either significantly augment your MPLS network or completely replace your MPLS network to reduce cost, increase quality and boost reliability of your VOIP and SIP services.

VOIP Armor measures your Internet line conditions in real-time (many parameters including: packet loss rate, latency and jitter among others) and accordingly makes decisions on a per packet basis. This means your VOIP packets will traverse the optimum path at any given point in time, and therefore will sound great – no more hissing, crackling noises, echo or gaps in conversations, or dropped calls. This is unique to VOIP Armor technology and truly enhances VOIP quality to support your corporate image, that otherwise cannot be accomplished with legacy static QoS features.

VOIP Armor is available as a module add-on to all models of the Truffle appliance.

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