SD-WAN for Small Business

Unleash optimum performance and reliability for your Internet with Mushroom Networks’ SD-WAN solutions. Bond multiple WAN connections to enhance internet access, cloud access for SaaS, VoIP, video and all applications.

Set your network on autopilot with enterprise grade, turnkey SD-WAN solutions offering a low total cost of ownership.


At Mushroom Networks, we understand the challenges small businesses face in the digital world. Our SD-WAN solutions are not only cost-effective but designed to be incredibly user-friendly, making complex network management effortless while ensuring top-notch internet connectivity and application performance.

User-Friendly SD-WAN Solution

Our technology is tailored for easy management of WAN networks, eliminating the need for extensive IT resources while guaranteeing reliable and efficient internet access.

Simplified Deployment and Management

With our Device Management Portal, small businesses can easily deploy, monitor, and manage their network infrastructure with just a few clicks. Streamlined operations through integration with popular third-party ticketing services make problem resolution faster and more efficient.

Cost-Effective for Small Scale Operations

Our solutions offer advanced networking capabilities that are accessible and manageable, especially important for small businesses in a market filled with complex and costly alternatives. Significantly lower your IT overhead and operational costs, positively impacting your P&L. Our auto-pilot appliances and management portal reduce the need for specialized IT staff.

Broadband Bonding for Faster, Reliable Internet

A single internet line may not be reliable or fast enough for your growing bandwidth needs. With Mushroom Networks’ Broadband Bonding, you can aggregate/bond any internet connection from any ISP, anywhere, for bonded internet speed, improved application performance, and reliability.

Traffic Management & Bandwidth Optimization

Leverage our solutions for improved traffic management and bandwidth usage, bringing high-end networking capabilities to your business. Our multi-WAN stateful firewalls with advanced routing and QoS capabilities efficiently manage your WAN links with dynamic traffic shaping and bandwidth reservations to prioritize bandwidth for critical business applications.

Application-Specific Performance Enhancements

Experience application performance improvements usually reserved for larger enterprises across various applications like VoIP, video conferencing, cloud services, and more.

Mushroom devices install transparently in pass-through between your existing network and existing modems. You can either replace your firewall with the Mushroom appliance or if you prefer, you can keep your existing firewall intact.


Traditional VoIP Challenges

While hosting your own IP-PBX or leveraging hosted IP-PBX telephone services with SIP trunks can provide significant cost savings and agility, VoIP/SIP traffic and voice quality are prone to issues like high latency, packet loss, and jitter. ISP last-mile problems, core network congestion, or your own cross-traffic can severely impact VoIP service quality.

VoIP Done Right with Mushroom Networks

Mushroom Networks appliances can connect to our worldwide Cloud Relays to create a secure, encrypted multi-path (multi-WAN) VoIP Armor tunnel from your device into the Mushroom Cloud Relays. The VoIP Armor tunnel monitors paths in real-time and instantly steers VoIP/SIP packets away from network problems, keeping your VoIP flows healthy and maintaining high MOS scores.

Leveraging Cloud Relays for Uninterrupted VoIP

VoIP Armor optimizes not only your last mile for VoIP/SIP flows by leveraging multi-path real-time packet steering but also accomplishes this without dropping any ongoing calls – even during WAN disconnects. Since Mushroom Cloud Relays have unchanging elastic static IP addresses, your cloud PBX provider and office phones will be 100% shielded from network problems.


Public Clouds - SaaS

If your organization uses SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications like CRM, ERP, email, unified communications, file transfer/storage, and others delivered over the WAN, Mushroom Networks’ application-specific overlay tunnels optimize your WAN and application performance for a flawless SaaS experience.

Private Clouds

Performance of the connectivity to your physical data center cabinet is critical if you’re hosting applications and services in your private cloud. Your office’s WAN performance, especially for latency and bandwidth-sensitive applications, determines how well your applications perform. Mushroom Networks’ overlay tunnels create high-performance IP connectivity to your data center for optimal performance.

Virtual Private Clouds - IaaS

If your applications are hosted in off-premise Virtual Private Clouds, the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) hosted in Amazon, Microsoft, or Google Clouds heavily relies on the performance of your office WAN. Mushroom Networks’ SD-WAN technology ensures an optimal end-user experience for these virtual private cloud use cases by intelligently orchestrating your WAN links.

Advanced Traffic Management

Mushroom Networks’ advanced yet flexible routing capabilities provide pinpoint granularity to route flows over desired paths. Tunnels and WAN links can be logically grouped into Virtual interfaces with load balancing and failover policies, working hand-in-hand with advanced QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities that precisely fit your business requirements.


Mushroom Networks’ physical and virtual appliances are hardened and secured with a built-in firewall. Base firewall capabilities are included with every appliance, and ongoing firmware updates ensure new security patches are applied to protect your network.

With the optional Cloud Relay Service, Mushroom appliances connect to the Mushroom-operated Cloud Relays using multi-path overlay tunnels that support AES-128 and AES-256 encryption. This protects against eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery, while leveraging TLS 1.2 with the SRP (Secure Remote Password) protocol for authentication and protection against dictionary attacks.

Cloud Relays are based on a secure network architecture with strict traffic flow policies. Comprehensive monitoring of inbound and outbound communications is performed to detect threats such as Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), flooding, software/logic attacks, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, IP spoofing, port scanning, and packet sniffing.

Additionally, redundant telecommunication providers and additional capacity protect against the possibility of DoS attacks, ensuring a secure and reliable network environment.


“Just drop the Truffle into your network and experience what it is like to have a large bandwidth pipe at a fraction of the cost. The Truffle is highly reliable, scalable and easy to use.”


Vice President of IT
Pacific Capital Group

“This is hands down the best hardware investment I have made. The Truffle has been a real life saver.”

Michael Durdin

Technology Coordinator
East Wake Academy

“I have to say, these devices [Broadband Bonding devices] are pretty incredible. These things really are as easy to understand and configure as you described.  I’m very impressed.”

Dorian DeLuca

IT Manager
Michael Brady

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