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SD-WAN Orchestration Software

Truffle V, is a WAN Orchestration software that runs on a virtual machine installed on standard hardware in a branch office or in a data-center to function as a Truffle unit. Truffle V can be peered with other Truffle appliances to create an overlay bonded IP tunnel between the end-points, VLL (Virtual Leased Line). This bonded tunnel is used for IP traffic between the branch offices and the data-center as well as between any of the branch offices. Truffle V can be configured to act as a broadband bonding proxy to enable fully bonded connectivity for the branch offices with Truffle appliances, for all the Internet traffic to and from the branch offices. The standard hub-and-spoke (star) topology overlays IP connectivity between end points over the bonded WAN links at the branch offices. The capability for bonding WAN connections at the branch offices provides performance and reliability enhancement for the Internet connectivity for the branch offices. WAN orchestration features Broadband Bonding, Application Armor and advanced traffic management and Quality of Service functionalities.


Downlink/Uplink Bonding in Peered Mode

Truffle bonds Internet access lines for all types of traffic (including encrypted traffic such as VPN) for aggregated downlink and uplink capacity when peered over the Internet with another Truffle with VLL server license located at the headquarter office or data center. For single office setups optional Broadband Bonding Service subscription enables downlink/uplink bonding.

Elastic Static IP

A static IP in the cloud is provided as part of the optional Broadband Bonding Service and is mapped onto the Truffle. This means that static IP is available for services and inbound network access even during WAN outages, as long as at least one of the WAN links is up.

Aggregated Downlink Capacity in Standalone Mode

When not peered with another Truffle device, all HTTP downlink sessions can be configured to use the aggregated bandwidth of the combined Internet access links, even in the case of a single HTTP session. For non-HTTP downlink sessions and all uplink sessions, Truffle provides session-based intelligent load balancing across the access links if not peered with another Truffle.

Self-healing WAN & Application Armor

In peered mode, in case of Internet access line failures, the Truffle keeps the ongoing sessions alive by making real-time per-packet routing decisions, even for the sessions in progress, without loss of data integrity. Additionally automatic failover protects against failures of one or more WAN link outages.

Software-Defined WAN Orchestration

Truffle’s Software Defined Networking architecture enables quick and easy implementation of sophisticated WAN orchestration algorithms that are application specific. Truffle provides real-time traffic & bandwidth management features based on traffic type and various network metrics, including latency, jitter, packet-loss and many other custom parameters.

Strong AES Encryption

Truffle bonding tunnels have built-in security option with AES 256 encryption.

Virtual Interfaces with WAN & Traffic Management

Truffle supports virtual interfaces that have load-balancing and failover logic layered on top of the real physical WAN interfaces. Specific type of traffic can then be selectively filtered onto the virtual interface to take advantage of the load-balancing and failover capabilities of the virtual interface.

Traffic Shaping, Monitoring & Alerts

Traffic can be monitored via performance graphs over seconds/minutes/hours/days/months. Various realtime and non-realtime traffic types can be filtered and shaped. SNMP or non-SNMP alerts provide in depth network visibility and intelligence.

Transparent Zero-touch Installation

The existing Local Area Network does not require any changes. No coordination, new equipment or software is needed from the Internet Service Provider(s). A remotely accessable browser-based interface provides quick and easy management and system monitoring.

Advanced QoS Algorithms & VoIP Armor

All traffic routed through the Truffle is intelligently managed to prioritize real-time traffic. Additionally a unique set of proprietary algorithms are implemented to improve real-time traffic metrics such as optimizing end-user experience (i.e. MOS score) of VoIP applications.

Dynamic DNS Load Balancing

Truffle can be configured to provide Dynamic DNS load-balancing for inbound requests for internally hosted servers such as web-server, ftp-server, mail-server etc.

Cellular 4G LTE, 5G WAN Connections

an be added as WAN access links for additional reliability.

Transparent Installation

Pass-through installation is quick and hassle-free and requires zero changes to the existing legacy firewall and zero changes to the existing LAN network.

Built-in Firewall & Router

Truffle can be configured either in pass-through to function inline with the existing legacy firewalls/routers or, if preferred, can be installed as the primary firewall/router.

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