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How to take control of your VPN performance – part 2   Recently updated !

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In my last post, I have talked about applying broadband bonding technology to improve inter-office VPN performance (Virtual Private Network performance) by increasing available throughput and by boosting reliability. Once you have taken care of the transport, you still need to make sure to available IP connectivity is indeed “oiled” well for the applications you […]

Internet load balancing

How to take control of your VPN performance 2   Recently updated !

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Managing the VPN performance is important for an organization because of the increasing demand of the applications running within that VPN tunnel. When a branch office is connected to a private cloud data center or a HQ (Head-Quarter) office, that VPN tunnel performance dictates the effectiveness and efficiency of that office as the cloud based […]

How to multihome your Internet lines   Recently updated !

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Multihoming, i.e. the ability to bring together various Internet connections to create a fatter pipe is a valuable proposition to achieve Internet reliability and optimum performance. There can be multiple ways of multihoming ISPs, let me start by how not to multihome: A legacy way of adding multihoming to a network is by making use […]

Truffle reviews   Recently updated !

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Here is a few selection of Truffle reviews, case-studies and feedback from Truffle users: Chaminade Resort hotel boost speed and reliability of their Internet access. Video review of Truffle LiteĀ and thoughts on WAN virtualization. M-Wave’s review of Truffle in a case study. Some snippets and quotes of reviews of Truffle by clients (at the end […]

Blended MPLS and beyond   Recently updated !

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MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) has risen in popularity with enterprises that require low-latency and high reliability. MPLS is a framework where the carrier can provide switching instead of routing by utilizing simpler labeling within their network. This accelerates the routing process and therefore can provide lower latency. MPLS networks however are still dependent to […]

Cloud VoIP

How does multiple IP addresses work with a Broadband Bonding multi-WAN firewall? 2   Recently updated !

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Keeping the ease of control and management of a single IP address on the WAN side can be an important factor for the IT team when implementing a WAN virtualization, WAN optimization or WAN bonding solutions. Especially in non-green-field deployments of a WAN expansion via a Broadband Bonding or load-balancing router, the key element is […]

Why do Internet load balancer need to evolve?   Recently updated !

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There hasn’t been a time where the applications running on Internet have been changing so rapidly. Applications are moving to public and private clouds, fast — putting growing pressure on the Internet performance, more specifically the WAN segment of the Internet that services the end-users. This applies both for consumer Internet services as well as […]