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Round robin load balancing – when to use and when to avoid it

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Round robin load balancing refers to the load balancing algorithm whereby the scheduling is done on a one-by-one basis where the scheduler takes turns to service the links with “equal load”. The equal load can be measured with respect to Internet sessions (identified by the tuple of source/destination protocol and port numbers) whereby each new […]

round robin load balancing

session persistency in load balancing firewalls

How to Achieve Session Persistency on Load Balancing Firewalls

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Let’s start by defining session persistency in the context of load balancing firewalls. Session persistency is the ability of the broadband bonding load balancer to keep the on going session alive even during WAN network problems. Normally, persistent sessions need to be kept on the same WAN link to work properly. With load balancers, normally this is not possible […]

The need for more Internet speed is crystal-clear for the businesses in Philippines

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Snail-pace Internet leaves business on ice in Philippines… With a large economic potential, Philippines’ slow business Internet access is creating a drag for the businesses. Out of 22 Asian countries, Philippines ranks 21st in terms of Internet speed according to a recent article in Reuters. According to the article, the slow Internet speeds are making […]

Slow Internet

Barnacules Nerdgasm deploys Mushroom Networks

Elastic Static IP helped Jerry address Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

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Jerry Berg is the founder of Banacules Nerdgasm, the Youtube channel with over 64 million views and 660,000 subscribers. Barnacules Nerdgasm’s popularity meant that the broadcast was an attractive target for hackers with their cyber attacks, especially DDoS. No matter what Jerry tried to protect his network, it didn’t work. While searching for a Broadband […]

Unique Selling Proposition for Bandwidth Brokers

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As an Internet Service Provider, bandwidth broker, or value added service provider, today’s market place offers many add-on options to pure bandwidth, that creates unique selling propositions for the packaged service. Being and bandwidth broker agent, buying from larger carriers and ISPs and selling those services to end-clients is only attractive with a large client base […]

Partnership opportunity

DSL bonding

DSL Bonding vs Bonding DSL with Cable

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If your branch offices are distributed over multiple geographical regions, chances are your WAN connectivity options at every branch office are not uniform and in some cases limited. Unlike a decade ago, a single WAN connection is never going to be an acceptable network design given the fact that organizations increasingly depend on cloud based […]

Genetically Engineered Routers for Managing WAN Performance

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Enterprises, small and large, depend heavily on the performance of their applications that run over their WAN networks. When your company relies on applications and services that run over the Internet (and which company doesn’t these days), then managing WAN performance may be the single most important IT project that guarantees to pay dividends. This is true […]

Genetically engineered SDWAN