State of rural broadband Internet

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According to the latest state of the Internet report by Akamai, except South Korea and Hong Kong, no country has higher than 20 Mbps average speed for the Internet services.                       Countries with rural broadband areas are suffering the most, as there is a economic […]

Akamai state of internet report

round robin load balancing

Round robin load balancing – when to use and when to avoid it

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Round robin load balancing refers to the load balancing algorithm whereby the scheduling is done on a one-by-one basis where the scheduler takes turns to service the links with “equal load”. The equal load can be measured with respect to Internet sessions (identified by the tuple of source/destination protocol and port numbers) whereby each new […]

2017 Predictions for SD-WAN

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2016 was a significant year for Mushroom Networks, but also for the industry as a whole. In our humble opinion, the most compelling change in past year has been that the recognition that the WAN has become the performance bottleneck for cloud services. Most of us working closely with this technology have already come to […]

2017 SD-WAN predictions

NFV load balancer

NFV Load Balancer – How to utilize one in your network

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Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a new technology that is based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and started getting popular with the SDN installations in data-centers. As the SDN technology and moves to the other end of the connectivity, i.e. the office WAN, NFV load balancer is becoming a critical component of the network strategies […]

Best Practices for Managing MPLS Traffic and MPLS Security

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Your edge router is similar to a critical intersection of local roads and ramps to high-ways, where your local traffic is managed and pass onto the WAN (Wide Area Network) side of the network. In most enterprise network architectures today, it is common to see a high-performance, yet expensive MPLS connectivity, as well as cost […]

managing mpls traffic


What to Look for in a VNF Load Balancer

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Software Defined WAN gave the industry the ability to create overlay tunnel living on top of physical WAN resources such as MPLS, ADSL, Cable, T1, fiber etc. A VNF load balancer is one such overlay that has the ability to load balance the traffic over the WAN links. Since the VNF load balancer is in […]

NAT (Network Address Translation) Setup in Multi-WAN Routers

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NAT (Network Address Translation) is the mapping of IP headers going through a router, to modify the source (source NAT) or destination (destiation NAT) IP address of the IP packets. NAT was born primarily for the ┬ádemand for more IP addresses for networked devices where the IP addresses provided by the ISP can not be […]

NAT in multi-WAN routers