Video Streaming

The need for more Internet speed is crystal-clear for the businesses in Philippines

Snail-pace Internet leaves business on ice in Philippines… With a large economic potential, Philippines’ slow business Internet access is creating a drag for the businesses. Out of 22 Asian countries, Philippines ranks 21st in terms of Internet speed according to a recent article in Reuters. According to the article, the […]

Genetically Engineered Routers for Managing WAN Performance

Enterprises, small and large, depend heavily on the performance of their applications that run over their WAN networks. When your company relies on applications and services that run over the Internet (and which company doesn’t these days), then managing WAN performance may be the single most important IT project that guarantees to […]

How to Stream Broadcast Quality Video from Your Smart Phone to a CDN with an RTMP Wireless Gateway?

Today, smart phones are providing unbelievable level of technology at very affordable price points – thanks to the mass volumes of worldwide production and its associated downward cost pressure.  Carrier subsidies are also a big factor in bringing the price of smart phone technology to the masses. An average smartphone […]

Video over 4G LTE

Can 4G LTE networks sustain HD video?

With the biggest post-paid subscriber base and the largest 4G LTE deployment in United States, Verizon wireless is one of the first wireless companies to hit a wall of network congestion that caused the download speeds to decline by as much as 20% in several cities in United States since […]

how to stream live video from a remote location? 3

Streaming video from a remote location to a head-office or directly to a video server or CDN (Content Delivery Network) is now possible with the recent advancements in video streaming technology. Bringing in the complete robust solution together however can require some research. Let’s start with the basics. Your video […]

How to get low-latency WAN for real-time applications such as voice, video and other chatty interactive apps? 2

My blog post about VoIP reliability got a lot of interest, so I wanted to talk a little bit more about the finer details and the larger real-time application set, namely, voice, video and other interactive chatty applications. Even though they all have their own unique WAN requirements (and therefore […]