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State of Internet Bonding in 2017 and Beyond

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“Internet bonding”, unlike physical-layer or MAC-layer carrier bonding, refers to the aggregation of ISP links with an OTT (Over The Top) overlay tunnel. With Internet bonding (also known as Broadband Bonding) an organization can combine any type of IP connectivity from any service provider to create a faster and more reliable Internet connection. In generic […]

Advanced Internet bonding

3 Top Reasons for SD-WAN

Top 3 Right Reasons to Consider SD-WAN

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SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) is the cutting edge technology in terms of providing connectivity for enterprises and various other vertical market use cases. However, as in any other cutting edge technology, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your organization should jump on the bandwagon and replace your legacy routers and firewalls with SD-WAN appliances. […]

Are Internet load balancers here to stay? Two opposing arguments, you decide

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Before we present the two opposing arguments about Internet load balancers and the trends around it, let’s start with defining what we mean with the term “Internet load balancer”. Internet load balancer usually refers to the technology that is is the Internet gateway that is responsible for deciding how the Internet traffic is handled between several […]

One vs many resources

Load balancer router reinvented

Load Balancer Router Reinvented

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Load Balancer Router was born for a need to correct the less than perfect Internet access that ISP (Internet Service Providers) provide. For one reason or another, an ISP Internet connection is never perfect. Some times the reason is the transport technology not being mature (remember the early DSL days?), some times it is related […]

LTE Router – use cases from IoT to enterprise & anything in-between

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Last week, we have discussed “What to look for in a 4G router” and the first question to ask ourselves was related to the “use-cases”. This week we will dive deeper into the various use cases of LTE routers and LTE modems. LTE modems and LTE routers (also sometimes the lower end personal LTE routers […]

LTE router in IoT and Enterprise


What to look for in a 4G router

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4G LTE networks have come a long way since the 3G days. It is not uncommon to have a 4G connection that can provide tens of mega bits per second downlink throughput and several mega bits per second uplink throughput. Even though these numbers are much lower than what theoretical 4G promised, it is still […]

State of rural broadband Internet

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According to the latest state of the Internet report by Akamai, except South Korea and Hong Kong, no country has higher than 20 Mbps average speed for the Internet services.                       Countries with rural broadband areas are suffering the most, as there is a economic […]

Akamai state of internet report