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State of Internet Bonding in 2017 and Beyond

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“Internet bonding”, unlike physical-layer or MAC-layer carrier bonding, refers to the aggregation of ISP links with an OTT (Over The Top) overlay tunnel. With Internet bonding (also known as Broadband Bonding) an organization can combine any type of IP connectivity from any service provider to create a faster and more reliable Internet connection. In generic […]

Advanced Internet bonding

3 Top Reasons for SD-WAN

Top 3 Right Reasons to Consider SD-WAN

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SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) is the cutting edge technology in terms of providing connectivity for enterprises and various other vertical market use cases. However, as in any other cutting edge technology, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your organization should jump on the bandwagon and replace your legacy routers and firewalls with SD-WAN appliances. […]