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NFV Load Balancer – How to utilize one in your network

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Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a new technology that is based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and started getting popular with the SDN installations in data-centers. As the SDN technology and moves to the other end of the connectivity, i.e. the office WAN, NFV load balancer is becoming a critical component of the network strategies […]

NFV load balancer

managing mpls traffic

Best Practices for Managing MPLS Traffic and MPLS Security

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Your edge router is similar to a critical intersection of local roads and ramps to high-ways, where your local traffic is managed and pass onto the WAN (Wide Area Network) side of the network. In most enterprise network architectures today, it is common to see a high-performance, yet expensive MPLS connectivity, as well as cost […]

What to Look for in a VNF Load Balancer

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Software Defined WAN gave the industry the ability to create overlay tunnel living on top of physical WAN resources such as MPLS, ADSL, Cable, T1, fiber etc. A VNF load balancer is one such overlay that has the ability to load balance the traffic over the WAN links. Since the VNF load balancer is in […]