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How do dual WAN routers handle 2 IP addresses?

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As Mushroom Networks, we provide dual WAN and multi WAN solutions for enterprises and therefore we commonly get asked about having 2 or more IP addresses from 2 different ISPs and how that will work. This is a very natural question to ask since within the dual WAN router, you will be plugging in 2 […]

Broadband Bonding Service provide by Relay in the cloud

Slow Internet

The need for more Internet speed is crystal-clear for the businesses in Philippines

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Snail-pace Internet leaves business on ice in Philippines… With a large economic potential, Philippines’ slow business Internet access is creating a drag for the businesses. Out of 22 Asian countries, Philippines ranks 21st in terms of Internet speed according to a recent article in Reuters. According to the article, the slow Internet speeds are making […]

Why “session keep-alive” makes a huge difference in multi-WAN networks?

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With the availability of variety of Internet connections anywhere from layer 2 MPLS to broadband connections such as DSL and Cable, taking advantage for multi-WAN network designs is a no brainer. However, simply having multiple WAN connections in your office and a multi-WAN router with 2 or more WAN ports is not by itself the […]

session keep-alive