Monthly Archives: October 2015

OSPF Routing Ins and Outs

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), is like the on-steroids version of RIP (Routing Information Protocol). Most companies and network managers¬†choose OSPF after determining RIP either simply can’t handle the¬†larger network, or they’re in need of a faster route convergence time. OSPF is sometimes used to connect different subnets of branch […]

Do I Absolutely Need a SIP Aware Router?

SIP aware routers and/or firewalls are capable of treating VoIP (Voice over IP) packets differently compared to the other packets going through the network. With most SIP/VOIP packets being marked as priority in the headers and some routers honoring the priority mark in the headers, do you still need a […]

OSPF Alternative for Managing WAN gateways?

Increasingly enterprises are leveraging multiple WAN links at their branches to connect their offices to their data-centers and head-quarters. Historically one of the options to manage their network is through Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), which is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP). IGPs are primarily used within the same autonomous […]