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Hosted VOIP (hosted PBX) vs on-prem VOIP (on premise PBX)

Making the Call on Hosted vs. Premises-Based VoIP While Voice over IP (VOIP) technology has been around since the 90’s, adoption of the technology by businesses has only begun to ramp up relatively recently. In fact, VOIP adoption rates for businesses are still only at about 15%, according to the […]

Best practices for setting up a hosted VOIP service

Hosted VOIP services or hosted PBX services are terms used to describe a cloud based IP-PBX phone solution for businesses. In effect, a business branch office can plug IP phones in their local LAN and if the VOIP phones are pre-configured by the hosted VOIP service provider, they will connect […]

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Will Cloud Computing shift IT outsourcing trends towards IT insourcing?

Cloud computing is one of the technologies that simplifies operating compute resources and therefore the services that are based on cloud computing. Similarly Software Defined WAN enables cloud based and simple branch office connectivity. Can cloud computing, SDWAN and similar technology trends, bring the IT (Information Technology) jobs in-house because […]