Monthly Archives: April 2015

From Snowflake to Avalanche: Understanding the Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT)   Recently updated !

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It’s easy to forget, in this age of near-ubiquitous Internet access (in many parts of the world, anyway), that we’re still in the nascent stages of the development of the Internet. As the network continues to grow in terms of both scale and functionality, new applications continue to be uncovered and realized, and it stands […]


losing_money because of network outage

Thoughts on Bloomberg’s Network Outage Caused by a Spilled Drink and SDWAN   Recently updated !

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This morning Bloomberg terminals went down for about 2 and half hours, caused by a network outage. Still no official explanation for the cause of the network outage yet, other than being network related, but there are already rumors suggesting it was caused by a spilled drink. Is that possible? Perhaps… But my guess is: […]