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Regulators in the U.S. have been working to promote the expansion of broadband in rural areas.   Recently updated !

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Evolving Broadband Access In the U.S. Continues Under Obama Administration Broadband internet service is about more than simply being able to download games or watching movies. For many organizations around the country, broadband internet access provides a critical upgrade to their commercial and business efforts, to educational efforts, and to the ability to support other technological […]

broadband for rural areas

SBC and eSBC market trends

A Look at Where SBC and E-SBC stands and Where It’s Headed   Recently updated !

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Moving to the Edge? Looking Ahead for the SBC and eSBC Market Session Border Controllers (SBC) and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (eSBC) manage the communications and session flow in VoIP networks, allowing for efficient and smooth communications between VoIP networks both within the enterprise and the service provider networks. In my blog a few weeks […]

E-SBC and SBC Explained in Layman’s Terms   Recently updated !

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Managing VoIP with Session Border Controllers (SBC) and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBC) Even while Voice over IP adoption continues to rise, a lot of confusion still persists when it comes to understanding how VoIP actually works ‘under the covers’. And while you many not need to worry about managing the individual components of a […]

sbc and e-sbc